Monday, November 12, 2007

naga library hub

Three years ago, then Superintendent Dr. Nitz Ramos visit the (Roco) Library and inform us of the library hub project. We were convinced then, so we presented the project to mayor Robredo.To fast track the project, the superintendent authorized me to facilitate the close coordination in DepEd Manila. It was Usec Luz, Ms Marge Barro and Ms. Bev Gonda who were the people i have met, where the project was consequently going on in Davao and Bacolod (as pilot projects). However, things have changed and Ms. Bev Gonda left alone working on the implementation of the project.

For naga, it was an opportune time, because naga library was slowly transfering to a new building. At the Children Section, the problem was how to fill-in the shelves with children books. So we have withrawn all the books at the bookmobile to increase our present collection in the section (the bookmobile catered to elementary school libraries). However, since we transfered the books to the Children's Section, we can no longer serve th bookmobile to elementary schools. So, that is how the Library HUB came into the picture.

BUT Today, after we have adopted the DepEd project, naga library hub works successfully. It became a part of the children's library located at the ground floor of the roco library. Once the book were distributed, we transformed the area into theme parks, a reading area etc so as the area used to be for the Hub will be maximized.

MY THINKING, this is one thing that PUBLIC LIBRARIANS must be aware once the project reached at thier local Dep Ed. The Naga DepEd partnership experience has added a new dimension in the public library works - working with teachers and academicians. We knew how teachers employs the use of books as oppose to our daily routine of waiting the readers to visit the library. NOW, things float on. Library HUB is getting the attention and the support of the DepEd and the local government. Until then...

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