Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Center for the Blind @ the library

Two months after I posted the Filipino Heritage Festival Lecture and Exhibit activities, finding time to blog was difficult. My time were preoccupied by the teaching works and when I venture into food business However, despite the works and other interests, April and May was devoted to a new service in the library - the organization of the Naga City Resource Center for the Blind. Here I met Dr. Josephine "Penny" Bondoc, a sister of my Mayor Jesse, whose heart bleeds for the less fortunate and the disable. She is known as a physician and her involvement in few of charitable works. The Center for the Blind was designed to serve as the training and educational institution of the visually impaired in Naga and in the region. I did not hesitates to facilitate in the implementation of the project since I noticed the unequivocal support of the present city administration and Dr. Bondoc.

As of this writing, the Audio Recording Room was donated by the Rotary Club of Camarines Sur, with Ms Jean Tang who has been coordinating the initiative. The room is intended to record audio cds to provide audio materials for the visually impaired.

The Center, though strange in my work, has open my horizon in dealing with the less fortunate brothers. I had a chance to meet people who are visually challenge, and the experience in dealing with these people was truly a remarkable for any librarian.

To give you an idea of what the resource center looks like, here is a photo:

External photo of the Center