Saturday, April 26, 2008

Part time work

it has been five months now since I began teaching in college. Indeed, it is a rewarding experience for anyone given the trust and confidence of your students. It is like selling items in the public, convincing them that what you are talking is true. A plus factor for this is that I hold a position and my position emits an authority and good experiences to share in relation to my subjects. However, the reality why I accept the invitation to teach is the difficulty I faced every time I hold programs in the Library. Obviously, it needs appropriate audiences/participants however; it goes down to the idea, that at least, I have audiences/participants. Though it sacrifices the ultimate goal of the programs/projects I am conducting or promoting, I realized that, I could not figure out from the pool of appropriate audiences/listeners the desired output.

If anyone feels that a library program failed because of dwindle attendance of audiences/participants, it’s actually a challenge to think ways to strategize and established networks from the community. A school/college is one.
Again, just sharing my thoughts.

Friday, April 18, 2008

City Youth Officials

Welcome Youth Officials! When I heard the news that the City Youth Month program of the LGU-Naga earned this year Galing Pook Award, I have a strong feeling that it will make the program more relevant to the expectation of the community.

This afternoon, I received an invitation from SK Federation President, requesting all the department heads of the City Government of Naga, to discuss features and orient the newly selected 2008 City Youth Officials of the Office functions and services. So when I attend the program, obviously, a 10-minute idiot presentation is expected from us so I try to deceive them by passing the other 5 minutes covering the questions and forum.

As expected, Naga City Librarian, a position, not as important from any, turned into a place for youth-hopefuls who would least choose na lang to work in the library because of their interest in reading and thier simple apprehension of library works. I wonder how the process in choosing department-head counter part is. But, I will not delve on the issue.
Well, I crossed my finger, and hoping that this time, the City Youth Librarian will consider the profession, something that they will inspire as youth, who are prepared to be community leader.