Thursday, December 10, 2009

RSR Library rewards and Christmas

If you are thinking of an appropriate activity this season, I suggest that it should be something that provides reward to library readers. Naga’s Raul S. Roco Library has library rewards program, and this month we will rewards 28 readers from 3,000 registered RSR Library Holder with books, library stuff, pins, t-shirts.

I know that it is very hard to establish good relations and or encourage voluntarism in the library, but in Naga Library, we made it despite there were presence of internet café, National Book Store, SM, University Libraries etc. these booklover-Nagueños went to our library to borrow books. So these are our library readers who have read books, are reading books and truly, a reader

1. Abellera, Rufinia F.
2. Danabar, Romina Mae N.


• Oquindo, Sarah Mae B.
• Repuyan, Evalyn P.
• Rubios, Dianne S.
• Tindugan, Virginia Ida C.
• Velarde, Eden


• Benamira, Ricky Padayao
• Cledera, Josephine S.
• Froyalde, Gregory J.
• Lumberio, Cyril Anne R.
• Saballegue, Romeo D.


1. Camba, Jeliza Q.
2. Lanuza, Jaime Felipe R.
3. Martillano, Ann Rose Jessica
4. Nodelo, Izel Joan B.
5. Silva, Tristan V.
6. Tuliao, Josie V.
7. Zaragoza, Belen A.


1. Adversario, Glendner T.
2. Cantillo, Donna D.
3. Fornillos, Linda Rebueno
4. Fulo, Mary Rose M.
5. Ilagan, Rosanna Merlita Estioco
6. Lizardo, Fely D.
7. Nodalo, Urel Jon B.
8. Pelagio, Ma. Ester Asuncion B
9. Soriano, Ralph Louise
10. Tuason, Robertito G.
... will share photos on the next post. thnks

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Bikol film: Chicken Ala Carte,

Everyday, before I left the Naga Library, I would bring the newspapers in my house and read it. And yesterday was not an ordinary reading because I was struck by an article written by the Philippine Daily Inquirer correspondent for Bikol Juan Escandor. He wrote Bicol film on hunger draws 12M hits. Out of curiousity, I check the video in the youtube and found it.

As I watched the video, I thought it is best to share and dedicate this post for the cause of eliminating world hunger. The creator/producer is Ferdinand Dimadura and entitled Chicken Ala Carte.

In the film, most of the scenes were shoot in Naga City. Essentially, it does not speak of what life in Naga is. I believe, and I know you will agree with me that the scenes are perfectly similar in other places in our country, perhaps in other poor nations in the world. However, I am congratulating Ferdinand Dimadura for creating this film. Hopefully this will bring changes, and meet the true meaning and reasons of the cause.

Here is the video

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Kudos librarians! public libraries await you.

The entry of new librarian's who passed the 2009 licensure examination given by the Professional Regulation's Commission last November 10 and 11 in the cities of Manila, Baguio, Cebu, Davao and Legazpi, is a sign of our continuing effort to make librarian profession at par with other profession.

As a public librarian, I congratulates them for choosing the profession.

These librarians have been with us, exploring, observing and knowing the libraries and the librarians for several years. How I wish they would consider working in public libraries and feel how it is like to serve the public.

There are 81 provinces, 136 cities and 1,495 municipalities all over the country and these local government units essentially should have a dynamic, fresh and competent information professionals. How many of them have libraries and how many of them have dedicated librarians we can speak of? Thus, when we are talking of learning, the next stop is the library. And, SOME Pinoy public libraries have something to offer however, lacks the force to undertake.. and to do away with it gradually, it need librarians - young librarians.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Naga's Library Bookmobile!

In 2008 and 2009, Naga City Library Bookmobile program “ Byaheng Bukmubil” was not visible in Naga City residents in downtown area. Instead, it has prioritized its services to the remote barangay schools of Naga City.

For several years, this vehicle has served consistently the eleven public schools in upland barangays of Naga City. We maybe quiet and has overlook in its importance but lessons have come out, and is more enough that A NEW PLANS HAS EMERGED, and the lessons are very convincing.

- bookmobile service brings the library closer to the public;
- bookmobile demonstrates a typical library networking;
- bookmobile develop strong partnership with teachers;
- bookmobile collection provides additional information materials to public school;
- bookmobile collection responds to the inexistent and inadequate collection of school libraries;
- bookmobile programs provides opportunity for a collaborative project between schools and the City Library;

Lessons are lessons, and these have spur changes in the over-all library program like .....
pamphlets on Technology and Livelihood Resource Materials has been added in the Bookmobile, an additional staffer has been assigned and a three-day period has been scheduled for each public schools.. rah rah rah. In addition, if you are a RSR Library Holder, you can borrow book six books at a time.

I wish there is something more from what I would expect the next time you see the Naga's Library Bookmobile. I know and I am sure, that there is a great difference watching Library vehicle traveling to your schools and the thoughts it has created.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Celebrating 5th Roco day!

I am a lover of cartoon movies, and "Kungfu Panda" is one. The movie reminds of wise Tortoise Master Oogway conversation with Po, a young giant panda before he ascended to heaven in a swirl of flower petals. He said - Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery. Today is a gift, that’s why we call it the present.

I heard this quote several times, and last October 26 on the 5th Raul Roco Day that sums up my expectation. How blessed to have a gift of presence of those who shared love and importance to Senator Roco. I am incredible thankful to Mam Sonia Roco and her family, and to Mayor Jess Robredo. Also present are:

Vice Mayor Gabby Bordado Jr.
Councilors Nathan Sergio, Nelson Legacion, John Bongat and Badette Roco
Former Civil Service Commission Chairperson Corazon Alma De Leon, the Guest of Honor
Leon Flores III, former President of Aksyon Kabataan, the youth arm of Senator Roco
Families of Atty Ramon Roco, Mr. Ding Roco, former Congressman and Mayor Cho Roco
Mam Titan Avila, Sister Rosario Roco
Students from Naga College Foundations
NSTP Students of Global Site for IT Studies
awardees - youth organizations
Naga City Scholars representing the different schools in Naga
Mr. Tony Amparado and Ateneo Class of 1956

These event have closed my memory of the 3rd Roco Day where the attendance is few. In fact, this was where I was drawn to embarrasment and humiliation. And the rest is history. For today, the gift of presence of these people is fullfilling. Again, DIOS MABALOS PO.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

After the typhoon, whats next?

Filipino Librarian provides info on the do’s and don’ts on how to save the printed materials. What is next is to determine which materials are purchased so librarian are free from accountability.

In public library, the documents to be prepared are – affidavit executed by the head librarian, joint affidavit of two disinterested persons, police report, comments and or recommendation of the auditor, certification from police/ provincial governor/mayor and copy of memorandum receipt (MR).

In the preparation of these documents maybe mind-numbing and it speaks of our system. However, mind you, the experience maybe funny and boring but it keeps me away from accountability.

I hope this information will help my colleague in the public library.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Children's activity this October

For public librarians who wanted to initiate program this October, I would recommend a reading activity for Children. Knowing that it is a Children’s Month, it is better that the celebration of children will put premium on literacy, and I believe that public library will have an important role to play.

Raul S. Roco Library’s Be A Reader: rediscovering Raul S. Roco at the library has two activities related to this program - Byaheng Bukmubil and Children’s Bookfest. It brings the storytelling sessions and academic contest to public elementary schools through the Bookmobile while the culminating program was held at the City Library. These activities have generated support from Jollibee, local officials and businessmen performing as readers and the Department Education. In fact, last year, Jollibee Naga’s Why Read Campaign, a project partnered and counter part of the City Library’s Be A Reader, has been awarded for its marketing program in the National Level last February 2008.

Considering the impact of reading among children, I strongly believed that it is essential to design an area for children in every public library. And for those small public libraries, I guess that it has to include in its plan a children’s program despite the need to put an area for them.

I don’t know if other public libraries have the same program like this, but, how I wish this could be adopted and hopefully, if all public libraries will be initiating this activity, this will be our special feature from academic libraries.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Celebrating Peñafrancia Fiesta!

While every corner of Naga has transformed into a busiest place in the country, Naga City, as the home of the venerated image, is prepared for the reception of the Peñafrancia devotees. Historically, the devotion has reached three centuries.

While writing, I check the file, and surprisingly, we have three (3) major references in the library for the celebration - One is INA AND THE BIKOL PEOPLE, a coffee-table book published by the Archdiocese of Caceres, the Bookmark published and authored by Vitaliano Gorospe’s VIRGIN OF PEÑAFRANCIA, and the essays/articles published by Jose Fernando Obias entitled INA ON THE RECORD. All three references were in English and, I am assuring the readers will not be disappoint by its information.

These materials has brought an eye-opener considering that we value the acquisition of Bikol materials. Lest we forget is the acquisition of materials that depict the character of a Bikolano – the devotion to Ina.

So here it is, we have prepared an area - an exhibit and books for this occasion. We hope to see you in this area despite the attractions from activities lined-up to pomp up the festive celebration of the Penafrañcia. I would say that the library remains the quietest place we can offer during this occasion.

Here is one of the photo which we are exhibiting in the library -

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Remembering Senator Roco

I was in Manila last August 3 and 4 for the preparation of the death anniversary of Raul S. Roco. The program which is prepared for August 5 begins with a memorial mass held at the Roco Family Rest house in Antipolo. Then, it was followed by the unveiling of his monument in the area and a formal launching of a website dedicated for him. Before I went to Manila, I personally went to churches in the towns of Cam. Sur for a scheduled mass on August 5. There were also scheduled masses in Naga and in Cam. Norte.

The same date of his anniversary is the burial of President Cory, and undauntedly, the entire nation paid tribute to the late president. Deep within, I have a desireto see and be part of those people paying their last respect for the burial. They said that the crowds in the street were the same 23 years ag. However, I decided to return to Naga and leave Manila in the morning of August 5. I visited the grave of the former Senator at Santo Niño Cemetery. It was very quiet and peaceful day in the area. The butterflies and the sounds of water rushing beside the Bicol river add more calmness in that time.

I went to Roco Library and see his memorabilia where I encountered a photo of Senator Roco. I thought maybe this is going to be the perfect gift for library readers. I wish that in this way, people will remember him as a keen reader and a great leader we lost four years ago. here is the photo.

Friday, July 31, 2009

.. gift of Cory Aquino

The death of Ms. Cory Aquino yesterday was disheartening. It is the same feeling I have experience when Raul Roco died in 2005.

Photo taken from Bicol Forum, Jan. 13-19,1986 issue with Cory Aquino and
Doy Laurel campaigning in Naga City.

I was 10 years old when 1986 election happened and Cory Aquino was installed as President. Yellow colors became a fad, and Ms. Cory stole the hearts of the Filipinos, the Bicolano people is one. I could not imagine a life where freedom endures. I could not imagine a life here if Marcos remained in control of our country, too. To me, that is something I and the Filipino will forever indebted to Ms. Cory Aquino.

Goodbye po, asin Dios na po an bahala magbalos saimo sa gabos na karahayan na itinao mo samuya!

Friday, July 10, 2009

E-Library in Naga

Tina, staffer of the National Library, has been contacting me last month for the Philippine E-Lib training in Naga. As the access point in Bikol, it is expected that Naga Library promotes this project to the libraries and librarians. But the schedule was postponed and reset this July in view of the unstable weather condition. This is not surprising in the region.

So this it - July 8-10, 2009 is the Web Technology training. The E-lib which has became a hype for public librarians in 2006 when it was introduce, has failed to keep the expectation of my colleague in the profession.. Probably this time, the training will bring back the interest and hype that it has seen before to the users-public. I see the point of creating this project, and i believe, with a proper push and will, this initiative will be a landmark project.

As the training goes, Mam Sally Arlante, National Library Director Nani Cruz, Sir's Ed Quiroz and Chito Angeles have never disappointed the participants. The event became successful. Thanks to STI, to my staff and to the organizer.

Just a side note, while preparing for the activity - when the Children's section was transfered at the second floor, the previous area which is the venue for the seminar was turned-out to be an ideal place for exhibit and gatherings. This is something I am going to think in the future.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Center for the Blind @ the library

Two months after I posted the Filipino Heritage Festival Lecture and Exhibit activities, finding time to blog was difficult. My time were preoccupied by the teaching works and when I venture into food business However, despite the works and other interests, April and May was devoted to a new service in the library - the organization of the Naga City Resource Center for the Blind. Here I met Dr. Josephine "Penny" Bondoc, a sister of my Mayor Jesse, whose heart bleeds for the less fortunate and the disable. She is known as a physician and her involvement in few of charitable works. The Center for the Blind was designed to serve as the training and educational institution of the visually impaired in Naga and in the region. I did not hesitates to facilitate in the implementation of the project since I noticed the unequivocal support of the present city administration and Dr. Bondoc.

As of this writing, the Audio Recording Room was donated by the Rotary Club of Camarines Sur, with Ms Jean Tang who has been coordinating the initiative. The room is intended to record audio cds to provide audio materials for the visually impaired.

The Center, though strange in my work, has open my horizon in dealing with the less fortunate brothers. I had a chance to meet people who are visually challenge, and the experience in dealing with these people was truly a remarkable for any librarian.

To give you an idea of what the resource center looks like, here is a photo:

External photo of the Center

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

2009 Filipino Heritage Festival

Elias Angeles Street in Naga City, 1958

While most public libraries are preparing for the inventory of library books, checking the shelves and roofs, files and MRs etc.. this April, Raul S. Roco Library (and me) will spearhead the Exhibit and Lecture on April 30 in line with Naga City's hosting of the Opening Ceremonies of the 2009 Filipino Heritage Festival and .

Specifically, the program consists of a lecture of Prof. Jun De Leon ( Philippine Arts and Culture) and Mr. Joe Barrameda (Peñafrancia History and Devotion) which follows after the formal opening of an exhibit of "Naga City Through the Years" and memorabilia of the 1st International Rondalla in 1993.

So there it is, again, arts activity in the library where public librarians can look at an example and which they can use in thier own community. But most of all, what Roco Library was working to serve as the information center in the community and its collection will be use for education and awareness of local culture. So if you see the photo above of Naga City, you will see more of it in April 30. And probably, will be thinking of having a quick visit to the Naga's public library.

Monday, March 23, 2009

arts in the library

A week ago, my staff, library volunteers and students of Global IT were working for the exhibit of old books and Bicolano writers. The materials sent from six provinces were not sufficient to display an exhibit. In fact, I was surprised to note that few local government units in the region have commissioned a printed work of thier towns/cities which are essential today. I maybe skeptics but, if you are in-charge of the project, and when you are assigned to coordinate with the this lgus, you will notice how hard it is to convince them to come up with a regional exhibit.

Anyway, when members of Sumaro Bikolnon are coming and they are sending their special collection of Bikoliana, the exhibit became a display of Bikol publication of old books written by Bikolano/Filipinos in Bikol dialect. The output of the display is a proof that there are interests and initiatives by Bikolanoes to write and publish books on Bikol during the 1800s. I am refering to the Bikol Literary Festival: Pintakasi kan mga Librong Bikolnon held at the Raul S. Roco Library last March 17 and which was made possible through the help of Sumaro Bikolonon.

In this matter, I learned a lesson. For a public library to grow and became an vital partner of the arts, it needs to reach-out with the local artist -- the writers, poets, etc.

Friday, January 23, 2009

2009, what do public wants to see in the Naga Library

Setting the mood for this year, i started conducting the launchings of the Raul S. Roco Youth Achievement Awards in Masbate and Partido, and NOW, we are waiting for the application to arrive. It followed by nambaf, arts activities follows as Naga accepted the regional arts celebration. Obbiously, with naga library supporting the local arts and culture; I did not escaped from the art savvy, art advocates and artists. Programs?

I was out for three weeks and was never posting any stuff. Its 2009, the finalization of the establishment of the submitted proposals - the child minding and the center for the blind remain to be implemented in the first quarter. While preparing a plan, I came out with a question to keep me guided in developing a program. what do public wants to see in the Naga Library in 2009?

That question taught me to be more specific in doing library programs. BEING confident that naga library now is “bistado na” where and what it offers, the next best thing, is what people will expect this year. So here is the possible source where i can get and the areas of concern:

-- registrations? attendance in the activities? lost, unreturned books? tardiness of my staff, weather? trends? movies? budget and city priorities? Huh!

will keep you posted in the next blog!!!