Saturday, April 9, 2011

family history center, first in luzon after marikina.

if you are in naga, and you are interested to trace the roots of your family. then, i would like to tell you that naga library - raul s. roco library, is the home of the naga city family history center.

what does family history center offers? to anyone who are not familiar with genealogy, the center provides online index and database of families in the Philippines. it has collections of microfilm that contains personal records such as birth certificates, marriage and baptismal dated back in 1700s. to put it simply, the family history center in naga offers personal records with genealogical significance.

naga is blessed to have committed institutions and organizations that supports the programs and projects of the current administration. at present, The Jesus Christ the Latter-day Saints, have sponsored the establishment of the Family History Center in Naga. the center is located at the raul s. roco library and has four (4) microfilm readers and two (2) computer units. thanks to councilor nathan sergio for being the proponent of this project and to mayor john bongat as well.

i hope other libraries will have access to this records, and if they have time, they can visit the local chapters of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and maybe you will have a family history center soon in your community.