Saturday, September 29, 2007

the naga librarian and the 1,141 public libraries

this is my first and only blog. at first, i am more interested to develop a web page for the philippine public librarians league where i am one of the board member, i realized that it will be more appropriate to come up with a blog.

presently, there are 1,142 public libraries registered at the
national library, and i would like to reach-out the public librarians in this country through this blog and hopefully to share and network with our available resources. i knew that public libraries cannot compete with academic libraries, but with our local historical materials, these are valuable information resources that will keep the public libraries competitive with academic libraries.

with mam nani cruz,
von totanes and zarah gagatiga, they were the librarians that influenced me to create a blog and, hopefully, i can join them in promoting the Philippine libraries, librarianship and the Philippines.