Saturday, December 29, 2007

naga librarian expectation!

December and 2007 are coming to a close, and a certain excitement about the year ahead is entering my blood like it does every year.

However, I am pretty sure 2008 and what it holds has something to do with it. Just sliding by, and really trying to appreciate the moments as I pass them.

A digital camera helps.....

CITED! This blog was cited at
Libword through the article of Filipino librarian.

FEATURED! Xavier School Librarian Zarah Gagatiga, a PBBY resource speaker for Naga City, has featured
Naga Library and me, the naga librarian, in her blog -

Thursday, December 20, 2007

mayor jess is blogging

Apart from being busy administering the affairs of the Naga City Government as Mayor, Mayor Jesse M. Robredo, known for his excellence in local governance and administration, the only Ramon Magsaysay Awardee for Government Service, is now blogging.

His blog, tells about his experiences and thoughts on issues concerning the people and government. What is essential in his blogs for it captures the idea of "LESSON" from his lifes works as local executives. Thus, more people specially those in the government service will benefit from reading his blog.

Mayor Robredo is my direct superior in the Naga City government. The Naga Librarian blog have been mentioning him as part of the experience in the administration of the public library affairs and other library issues, but I have never made a space in my blog dedicated for his blog .

Welcome to blogosphere Mayor Jess ! Public librarians NOW can read, learn and connect to his blog.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

the naga library

Hopefully, 2008 is my last year in UP. I have been working on my thesis. This is the reason why I am always busy. Thus, my time evolves from the Naga Library to my home and UP. And while doing my thesis, I will be visiting the different public libraries in the region.

I guess, some issues in my works have been presented. My thinking, it will be worthwhile to present the other public libraries in my region. The purpose of which is to let somebody see the situation of public libraries, what plans and projects, involvements, who are the public librarians, how are they coordinated with their respective local government units etc..

First, let me present the Naga Library, the Raul S. Roco Library. Some information about the Naga Library can be access at here are some photos:

Periodicals Section

Circulation Areas

Hall of Fame Gallery

Children's Section and Library HUB

Friday, December 7, 2007

Five years with a Bee

Aside from Santa Clause and Voltes V, Jollibee’s mascot is one of my memorable and wonderful stuff during my childhood years. It is one of the funny stuff I will not forget which I usually saw in the advertisement at the television.

When I worked in the naga library in 2000, I see it as a better marketing strategy of promoting the children’s section. Ideally, we want to hook the children to read and appreciate library as early as young age. And the more we encourage them to read, we are better assured that as they grow, we have a better community. But practically, the main reason was that, once we attract the children in the library, we have actually attracted the whole family. Ordinarily, children will not go to the library alone and need company.

This prompts me to think of the next step - finding a local stakeholder that will help keep our commitment to the Bikolano children.

Following my childhood curiosity of knowing Jollibee, I inquire and made a first project – the storytelling in 2003 where Mayor Jess Robredo serves as our first storyteller in one of the barangay in Naga City. It followed with the Be: a reader, inter-school speech choral contest, Children’s Bookfest and Byaheng Bukmubil in 2004. Then in 2005 when I assumed as officer in charge of the Naga City Public Library, I hold these activities annually. In addition, it has repainted the Naga City Library Bookmobile to became more attractive and encouraging to children in elementary and day care centers. In short, we partnered in all of our library activities.

In one of my orientation visit in one high school, a student approached me and said, “ sir, ogwa pa po kamong storytelling? Kaibahan po nindo an Jollibee?". Later I found out, he was one of the children five years ago who attended our storytelling session in a public elementary school. This, indeed, reflects how our library activities recognized and felt by the children. For five (5) years, Jollibee and the Naga Library worked together to bring happiness and wonderful experiences to children in Naga City. Consequently, during those years of partnerhip, Jollibee served as a positive motivating factor in our activity. We were able to develop among children the importance of library and the joy of reading. In Short, we keep the children regularly visiting to the Naga Library.

So its 2007 and a month to go to 2008, Jollibee stores now spread like mushrooms in the country. If you are a public librarian and you see a Bee in the busy market of your community, grab the opportunity of working with them, am maybe pushy, but surely, public libraries will benefit from working with this company.