Tuesday, December 11, 2007

the naga library

Hopefully, 2008 is my last year in UP. I have been working on my thesis. This is the reason why I am always busy. Thus, my time evolves from the Naga Library to my home and UP. And while doing my thesis, I will be visiting the different public libraries in the region.

I guess, some issues in my works have been presented. My thinking, it will be worthwhile to present the other public libraries in my region. The purpose of which is to let somebody see the situation of public libraries, what plans and projects, involvements, who are the public librarians, how are they coordinated with their respective local government units etc..

First, let me present the Naga Library, the Raul S. Roco Library. Some information about the Naga Library can be access at
www.naga.gov.ph/library. here are some photos:

Periodicals Section

Circulation Areas

Hall of Fame Gallery

Children's Section and Library HUB

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