Tuesday, November 1, 2011

2nd raul s. roco library lecture

was out for a month, grueling for the preparation of the 2nd raul s. roco library lecture with a theme, safekeeping history in every library.

was fortunate to have director antonio santos, elder florentino gamil and mr. tito valiente as resource speakers. likewise, to partner with the bicol region librarians council, which undoubtedly a fresh start to reach out with bicol librarians.

have names of librarians and participants whom i would like to post, but i decided to leave it vague, i knew some who did not attend have had other personal matters to attend to. however, the event turned-out successful.

below is a photo shot during the seminar, with me, director antonio santos of the national library, madam sonia roco, wife of education and senator raul s. roco, ateneo de naga university librarian and the current president of bicol region librarians council edna san buenaventura. at the back were the other speakers - mr tito valiente, elder florentino gamil, and the naga central school 2 rondalla.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Disabled Filipino of the Year 2011: Hon. David Casper Nathan Sergio

this year recipient of the Disabled Filipino of the Year, an award given by the national council on disability affairs, is Naga City Councilor David Casper Nathan Sergio.

he is one of the effective local leader in naga and is the reason why he top the net satisfaction survey in ateneo. this, i guess, primarily because of his strong advocacy in the conduct of various blood letting program in naga which benefited residents in need of blood during emergencies.

in the naga library alone, he proposed for the establishment of the naga city family history center, second in the country, and the bienvenido santos special section, as a gesture of respect to a filipino writer.

before he was elected councilor, i met him when he was appointed as secretary to the mayor, which later i discovered that he have worked previously as the head of the urban poor affair.

i knew that his leadership skill is immense, have a brilliant mind. i would say that the people of naga deserved to have nathan sergio in the naga city hall.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

dividing cam sur

while watching tv, i am thinking of collecting materials about the pros and cons of the division of cam. sur. clippings from the daily broad sheets and resource materials coming from the organizations who are supporting the division and those that disagree.

on the other note, i was wondering where does the money came from adz on the issues of dividing cam sur w/c should have been used for projects instead, my thinking, there is no quick fix in cam sur. there is cebu, palawan, quezon etc. provinces which are bigger than cam sur, the solution is not division. the problem is that the same people continue to dominate in cam sur districts. in solving the problem of poverty starts with educating the electorate.. again, as a librarian, and a constituent, this is my opinion.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

naga celebrates reading, thanks inquirer, jollibee & dep ed

once more, naga library is the most popular reading center in the region as it successfully launched a three-day celebration of learning and fun last July 19, 20 and 21. the naga celebrates reading which is partnered and supported by the philippine daily inquirer, jollibee and department of education was able to impart the importance of reading and the use of library to the 3, 500 visiting preschoolers and elementary pupils in Naga. thanks to ms farah bongat for her special support in the activity.

photos of the activity can be viewed at the raul s. roco library facebook. and also, i culled an article which was released in the inquirer written by jonas soltes (thank you) and shiena barrameda (ty also) , and here it is :

: Reading day lesson for 60 day-care kids

NAGA CITY—It was an extraordinary activity for 60 preschoolers from day-care centers in three barangays in Naga City. They trooped to the Raul S. Roco Library to celebrate National Children’s Book Reading Day with an Inquirer Read-Along session.

The children, aged 5-6 years old, from Dayangdang, San Felipe and Lerma huddled close to Farrah Bongat, wife of Naga City Mayor John Bongat, and opened their hearts to her as she narrated the story of how a young boy conquered his fear of darkness.

Bongat read “Si Ching na Takot sa Dilim,” written by Aleli Dew Batnag and illustrated by Paul Eric Roca. The story is about Ching who overcame his fear of “creatures that lurk in the dark” because of a power outage.

Like some children, Ching cannot sleep with the lights turned off. For “protection from monsters,” he always keeps a flashlight beside him.

One night, while he is left alone by his mother who had to run on an errand, power goes out in the neighborhood.

With the batteries of his flashlight spent, Ching discovers the beautiful things that glow in the dark, such as the eyes of his cat and the stars in the night sky.

After the storytelling, the children told Bongat that they, too, feared the dark because of “monsters and ghosts that exist with darkness.”

“Darkness is not all bad,” she said as she allayed their concerns.

Bongat said “it’s important to read stories laden with good values to children because during this stage (childhood) in their life it is easy for them to absorb and live those values.”

The library section that served as venue for the read-along has been dedicated to acclaimed Filipino writer Bienvenido Santos, whose works were inspired by landmarks and life in Albay and Camarines Sur, such as “The Volcano” and some narratives in “You Lovely People,” a collection of short stories.

It was inaugurated on March 14 as a “special gift” of the city government to Santos, whose 100th birthday was celebrated on March 22.

The library itself was named after the well-loved Bicolano senator and wide reader who died in 2005.

Librarian Federico J. Vinluan said the read-along was part of the library’s three-day celebration of the nationwide Book Reading Day.

Around 300 children, aged 4-10 years, from public elementary schools all over the city were invited to other event activities, including a book fair, newspaper-reading and a musical program.

“It is important to impart to children love of reading at an age when they are very curious. This is when they learn many things, including good values, and the time when they need them most,” Vinluan said.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

naga celebrates reading! reload x2

though classes for elementary have started last june, naga library orientation have been prepared and it coincides with the national children's book day. the cam. norte provincial library have programs too and it was conducted last july 14.

in naga, the event for preschoolers and elementary pupils are scheduled on july 19, 20 and 21. naga library's raul s. roco library have prepared read-along sessions with the philippine daily inquirer and library orientations and games with jollibee, and sm city naga as partners.

i cant wait to see these children going to naga library despite their busy schedule, however, a photo of the last activity we have in 2009 was used as the invitation, here it is. see you!!!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

brlc remake!

normally, i don't involve with the librarian's group. i thought, its best to stay away from them to keep me out of the issues. though, issues in organization, as what they seem to consider is normal, i have decided not to be part of it. in short, when bicol region librarians council was organized then, i did not take part.

as my job evolved from a traiditional to managerial, i have a chance of thinking about the plight of my fellow librarians. i've been involved in other organizations, yet, its ironic that the librarian per se, i am stranger to them.

alas, i give up my day to attend the librarian's meeting. the day turn-out to be something worthwhile.i left the meeting with photo shoots and goodbyes, with ate luds, the mariners librarian, and the librarians. the meeting has became a platform to expand my advocacy in librarianship and in building partnership.

you know, i am thinking of an occasional meeting this time. perhaps in july 9. see ya.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

happy mother's day!

inspired by nora aunor, vilma santos and sharon cuneta, this post is dedicated to my mother, and librarians, who are mothers too, and who have grew old watching superstar, vilma and the sharon cuneta shows. the day have coincide with manny pacquiao fight and the disastrous typhoon bebing that hits bicol, i believe we have never forgotten our mothers.

again, happy mother's day!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

family history center, first in luzon after marikina.

if you are in naga, and you are interested to trace the roots of your family. then, i would like to tell you that naga library - raul s. roco library, is the home of the naga city family history center.

what does family history center offers? to anyone who are not familiar with genealogy, the center provides online index and database of families in the Philippines. it has collections of microfilm that contains personal records such as birth certificates, marriage and baptismal dated back in 1700s. to put it simply, the family history center in naga offers personal records with genealogical significance.

naga is blessed to have committed institutions and organizations that supports the programs and projects of the current administration. at present, The Jesus Christ the Latter-day Saints, have sponsored the establishment of the Family History Center in Naga. the center is located at the raul s. roco library and has four (4) microfilm readers and two (2) computer units. thanks to councilor nathan sergio for being the proponent of this project and to mayor john bongat as well.

i hope other libraries will have access to this records, and if they have time, they can visit the local chapters of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and maybe you will have a family history center soon in your community.

Sunday, March 27, 2011


On its fifth year, Naga Library has become the permanent Secretariat of the Raul S. Roco Youth Achievement Awards. What is RSRYAA?

For anyone who are not familiar with the RSRYAA, it is a program where youth organizations submit a propose project which they will implement for six (6) months. The best organization that can successfully initiate an activity will be awarded with a cash prize of 50,000 and a trophy designed by the National Artist Salvador Bernal.

As of the moment, there are 7 youth groups have submitted a confirmation.

RSRYAA and its preparatory activities may be strange to the usual library works. But the efforts made have provided an avenue to showcase the significant role of the Bicolano youth in the nation building. And that Naga Library, being an institution of knowledge has committed itself to make its activities and services a more youth-oriented. I believe, this is one activities that is unique from other public libraries and the stories crop-up from the youth groups in dealing with the community problems is a an extraordinary lesson that came-out from a reader. Moreover, the solutions that they have adopted are lessons they learned from reading. And this is what made Naga Library as the home of Raul S. Roco Youth Achievement Award.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

bienvenido santos @ naga library

before, public libraries in Philippines were not given proper attention by local government units. so, it follows that the people's trust for the public libraries to take charge of their personal valuable materials under the care is very slim. but today, it is changing.

this impression that people is giving their trust to the public library of their precious collection is felt in naga library. first, the trust of the roco family to turned-over the memento of the late senator raul roco is one.

today, the same opportunity of giving the care of their personal collection has been given to us by the santos family. the printed collection of Bienvenido Santos and other memorabilia will now be accessed by the general public in march 14.

bienvenido santos is one of the best writers in Philippine literature. For unc graduates today, little knew of him being the executive vice president of the university. however, more students may have been aware of his writings such as the novels like the villa magdalena, the praying man and what the hell for you left your heart in san francisco.

my classmate vivien soriente of dlsu library told me that the memorabilia collection of Bienvenido Santos is now in their library. given the facilities and expertise, I was delighted to see the room dedicated to him.

i personally acknowledge the proponent of the project - sir Nathan, in putting a special section in the naga library. With the same guy in the government, i am hoping that the same opportunity for public libraries will be experience by my fellow librarians today.