Monday, December 27, 2010

sweet nothing!

five days before the New Year, i am 34. completely different when I was 21, 18 , 16 and 25 - numbers i usually bet in lotto, these numbers do fill with memories in time, and in life. yet this time, i am becoming an old person – a role i am arriving at.

believed me, the lives of benjamin franklin, michaelangelo, thomas edison, have incredibly well- accomplished than anybody. they are movers at 34 - extraordinary and exceptional! but for a public librarian, at 34 is completely different.

sweet nothing! as it may seem, is my life began at naga library. at 21 as assistant chief librarian, then an acting chief librarian at 29.and finally as full-pledged chief librarian at 33 .

on second thoughts, as naga librarian, i can only be proud of what i have accomplished for 11 years - an established library organization, the naga reading public and the management skills. though these factors varies in time, it helps me became a librarian of naga.

with 2011 and coping for a different style and company, i look forward for more lessons and thoughts about the library and librarianship.

also, i like to bet in the lotto. i want to sing Bruno mars, again and again.. I wanna be a millionaire so freaking bad!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

frabjous day!

no. this is not about the book wrote by miriam. this is a sequence from an earlier post on reorganization.

in an earlier post, i wished for a review of the reorganization plan. this is the merging of the naga library in other offices in 2011. the sympathy coming from the members of the council and the redefining the status of our office have made my wish to be granted. naga library remained a separate division.

I used to hear from the grey people visiting naga library, that naga is blessed to have a library. they envy the young naguenos to have a new library edifice with an able collection to offer both for information and recreation purpose than before where the library is small and the books were limited. while it carries the vibrant character of naga - naga library is one and a distinct place for bicolano. and making naga library an independent division is a gift that motivates me to work beyond an extra mile.

i could not expressed my feelings to-day, but as i look back 10 years ago as a newly appointed assistant chief library, the feeling of happines is completely different. it is indeed a frabjous day.

i have weeks of uncertainties and disappointment, but this was changed with perseverance and determination. to the city government, dios mabalos po. merry x'mas.

Monday, December 6, 2010


as of this writing, there is a move for a reorganization in the city government.

reorganization is defined in the online dictionary as the " the act or process of organizing again or differently or a thorough alteration of the structure of a business corporation". in every local government unit, there is always a reorganization plan. this is being pushed to ensure the effectiveness of the program. my idea is that it will eliminate duplications, that a clustering of programs will meet the desired objectives.
naga library is one of the division in the city government which is being merged in a new department under education, sports and scholarship office. i have no idea of the new department including with its implications.
in this manner, i stood on what i believe that this will not be good for the naga library. this library is a separate division since 1957, and one of the oldest since 1920. it is ironic as a past officer of the public librarians, i became an advocate for the elevation of the library as a department in other local government. here in naga, the office is being merged in a department.
the problem in naga may be a problem of my other fellow public librarians. issues being the least priority, no funding and no competent people are among i have fought for in the many seminars i attended. i wish to share with you the writings in the marker of the building which states-
" naga city public library is the testament to the commitment of the city government to extend the frontiers of knowledge to all sectors of society. aside from fulfilling its traditional functions and services, the public library will strive to be the repository of bicol cultural materials, a haven for artists, and a center of learning in the field of local governance."
i am hoping for a review of the plan.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

nitc and the naga librarian

establishing a school is different from transfering a new building or a new house. recruiting students to enrol in the school is another different task, too. establishing a school like the naga international technology center (nitc) was difficult, so hard that the next big thing is where are we going to look for students. this work is very strange to me as a librarian.

nitc is a project of sonia roco. i have been working for her for six years in the celebration of raul roco day, and the raul roco youth award is a project she has conceptualize with sec. robredo. again, the roco youth award was different thing from a librarian like me.
nitc and me is another project i will embark on a different focus. here the thought of putting a school, personally, is challenging. it is not glamorous or easy. but the other side of the challenges is the meeting of new people, and the experience are both an education in itself. though this is different, it is a fresh of breath air. i am sharing this thoughts because i know that some of my fellows have been experiencing boredom in the profession. bu for a-ten-year public librarian whose works have been confined to the world of books, this is a major major learning.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

imee, mark and mam lourdes

i was out for 2 months working as the secretariat of the raul s.roco youth award. consequently, i am being tasked in setting up the naga international technology center, a project of mrs sonia roco. this is why i have been out for blogging.
with the result of the 2010 exam, i decided to share thoughts for my dear librarians who successfully passed the board exam. i am very happy that, i became part of thier profession.
the number 5 in the board exam, is a city youth librarian who worked in raul roco library last summer. she is Imee brazal, whom i called venus raj. we were the same recipient of iskolar kan ciudad. though all of our discussion were about the city youth program, imee left naga and left a me a txt message " sana sir makalusot ako." at the time that she was working at naga library, she have never failed my expectation. i even endorse her practicum in aeronautical academy for a month before she took the review.
Mark Eva was my staffer in the roco library. he is a silent worker. i know that he can make it to the board because mark is intelligent. my experience in the library, i have a perception that a person is "matalino" or "mautak" or "matibay" and mark is one of them.
and among the list is my former boss way back in 1997 at the engineering library. she is lourdes requinta, the unc engineering librarian. the downs and up of my library experience as a student assistant in my college years is inevitable. and mam lourdes is one who taught me to be more optimistic in life as a student.
as of this writing, i didnt knew who were those who came to ateneo, unc, or santa isabel who passed the exam. yet, i am extending my congratulation to them. this post may be for imee, mark and mam lourdes, but mind you, this blog rolls to all librarians whom i will be meeting in the future, again. just a simple thoughts for them.

Monday, August 9, 2010

bayombong experience!

i arrived 2pm at bayombong, nueva viscaya after 8 hours of travel from manila. i said during the seminar that i will not go back in this place, but it seems, the experience was different.

at 33, i thought its best to focus on my office. shun activities that requires too much involvement. but, the bayombong experience has given me an option. bayombong seminar offers insights to establish partnership, sharing and helping. how were fr de vera, mam david, mam nani and mam nera similar. they were advocates of sharing, for they themselves have benefited from it.

yet, to starts sharing with libraries, naniniwala ako na it all starts with establishing good relations. this is what cvlai manifest, and a worthy of emulation from among the regions. dios mabalos sainyo for your great hospitality there.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

pacific rims

naga library holds 11 000 books, which means there were 11 000 " matibay - as in matalino" anybody can be " matalino" pero iba pa din ang sumusulat at isinasagawang libro ang sinulat. this is the usual statement i said everytime there was an orientation of readers at the roco library.

speaking of tagalog in promoting a"libro", there is a book entitled Pacific Rims which, maybe in a month, we would be happy to have it in the library.

this one para sa mga basketbolistang pinoy! see this.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

thanks mayor jess :) welcome mayor john!

it was funny, that i could not imagine how i have been part of naga as a librarian for 11 years. but this post, was not for me in the library, but, to the mayors of naga.

one is for mayor jess robredo who served naga for almost 18 years. he is the first filipino mayor to be awarded as Ramon Magsaysay and in the aquino administration, is seems that he is
a shoo-in as DILG secretary.

the second, is to our new mayor, mayor john g. bongat which i would like to introduce to the readers of this blog and to my fellow public librarians. mayor john will be taking his oath tomorrow on the occasion of the naga city chartered anniversary.

to mayor jess and mayor john. goodluck po! and will continue to pray that you will both serve the people effectively.

balik eskwelahan!

while naga is preparing for its transition to a new mayor, am honored to introduce to my fellow public librarians, Mayor John G. Bongat. along with it, raul s. roco library is also preparing for its usual activity - orientation of the library rules, policy and programs to public elementary schools in Naga.

so its "balik eskwela"na and am thinking that orientation could be included in the upcoming national children's book day, which we are plan to hold on july 19. despite of the election last month, am glad that roco library was able to continue working on the editing of the online catalog and have rearrange the library sections in anticipation of the provision of an air condintion reading area.

with books/magazines arranged in the shelves, and its info can be accessed in the catalog, (so if its not availble, you dont need to come to us) roco library is ready for the pupils and students in this school year 2010-2011.

again, am hoping that other public libraries were all set and ready for the balik eskwelahan of our #1 readers - the students. knowing that we are aware of the inexistent/shortage of reference materials in thier respective school. congrats DepEd Naga mgt for spearheading the project!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

hi, i'm the new city librarian!

i am pleased to beep-on my fellow public librarian over my appointment as city librarian of naga. i dont know why i am sharing this thought, probably because i knew that most of my colleague in the profession were trivial as to why i was stucked for 4 years as officer in-charge of roco library.

going back, there are many events that have helped me become a real librarian. if there was something i have contribute to the people of naga city, it is my sincere effort to bring the library closer to them, aside from, transfering the public library in the new building.

the feeling that i got promoted was a relief from several times i was hurt and challenged everyday i work in the library. i would also take this chance to say to all - THANK YOU and DIOS MABALOS PO!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Campaign materials as library collection?

Since February 9, we have seen tv adz, heard radio jingles and photos of national candidates have conquered the electrical post, walls, trees (huh!) and in public plaza .

while local campaign has yet to start this March 26. us librarians, will try to avoid ourselves, as expected, to be associated with anyone as we are coined as non partisan. however, the significance of this event in our library works is the presence of election materials of candidates in the national and local posts.I remember the seminar I have attended about this, that campaign materials of candidates provide info materials which are important materials of local history. YES!!! the posters, pamphlets, pins, cups, mugs, t-shirts etc. on a side note, the level of reaching the available materials is difficult .. and yes, we have favorites, we have biases he he he.

Monday, February 8, 2010

a librarian campaigning

its 2010, like anyone reading this blog, the electionwe is one of those concerned we are confronted to decide, to have a choice.. I got an information that one of my colleague in the region who have had plans for the library and failed to accomplish this year, was visibly campaigning fora local official. in returned, she was promised for a better position this year, computers, aircons will be given once elected.

like her, some of public librarians are also doing this. however, this is the cause why they were reassigned, removed from the library or transformed the library in a miserable office. If i may remind, or say it "ADVISE TO THEM, to observe what the rule of the thumb is –OUR loyalty SHOULD BE to the institutions we served.

good luck!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Redirecting Naga Library (the RSR Library)

Last year, I was busy with activities that sometimes are no longer part of the Roco Library. Worst that it had developed an attitude of doing something people ask. This year, I will definitely focus on the library collection such as the reorganization of the online catalog and how it will satisfy the needs of our reading public. These are what I thought could be BEST IDEAS for the Library however. With sufficient budget to cover the LIBRARY operation, I am very positive that we will be able to deliver the goods and services to the public.

On the other note, blogging has become a narration, a personal narrative in the library. I think that it is practical to take what
facebook and twitter technique of sharing ideas so quick and short. I will definitely let this blog, the naga librarian, transform into a short reflection, thoughts, and opinions of my direct involvement. Something that anyone can says in six sentences. Again, I am sharing this info for my fellow public librarians. Till then.

Friday, January 1, 2010

moving on to 2010!

in 2009, i have been posting my experiences, involvements in naga city library’s raul s. roco library. most of them were to encourage my fellow public librarians to actively work for the promotion of library in the community.

You may noticed my blog have missed some events like Efren PeƱaflorida, death of Michael Jackson, Cory Aquino, and Francis M., the Maguindanao massacre, GMA, 2010 election, typhoon ondoy, there are good events too. And, some posts where thoughts on issues I became more interested.

But blogging has helped me in expressing my views on different issues. Once, I opened the computer, I realized, that I began checking news, been familiar with facebook, friendster, games, etc that for a 30 something like me would rather spent on other things. Yet, this has keep me moving, and alas, its 2010.

To those people who have read my blogs, accidentally or maybe in other reasons which I don’t know why you have read my blog. I thank you for making naga librarian blog survived. I hope my encouragement in library may have inspired and understand what public library is, and in those personal blogs I have posted, may have also helped you to create a better blog than me.

Happy new year!