Tuesday, May 27, 2008

1st Raul S. Roco Library Lecture/ Regional Conference of Public Librarians:

Promoting the development and organization of the Bikoliana Section as the core collection of Bikol Libraries to strengthen the local history and identity of materials found and written in the Bikol Region.



1) To identify, develop and organize local history materials as a core collection of the Bikoliana Section
2) To formulate uniform and standard bibliographic citations/descriptions for the Bikol Materials in Bikol libraries
3) To highlight the role of local history materials (in archives or other primary sources) and the Bikoliana Section in library services and programs, as a major contribution of libraries in the development of the arts, literature and culture across the whole Bikol region.


Librarians, information specialists, archivists, curators, Sangguniang Members and Chair on Arts and Culture, Historians, Teachers

REGISTRATION: Php 1, 000.00 pesos ( meals and hand-outs)


Hon. Jesse M. Robredo, City Mayor, Naga City - Libraries’ Benefit from Effective Governance
Mrs. Sonia Malazarte-Roco - Changing paradigm of Bikol Libraries
Hon. Prudenciana C. Cruz , Director, National Library -- Local History Materials: its impact on Bikol libraries
Ms. Cristina Ranche , Genealogist - How &Why of Family Research: Prospects of Bikol Genealogy
Dr. Danilo Madrid Gerona, Bikol Historian, Professor, Ateneo De Naga University - Developing Bikoliana materials
Ms. Edna San Buenaventura, University Librarian, Ateneo de Naga University - The Bikoliana materials: redefining the bibliographic profile

PROPONENT : Raul S. Roco Library, City Government of Naga
In cooperation with the Raul S. Roco Foundation Inc, National Library ,Philippine Librarians Association, Bicol Region Council


Project Coordinator: RIKO VINLUAN , Acting City Librarian, Raul S. Roco Library (054) 472.7095/909.5377.578

Ana Liza Evangelista, Pasacao, Camarines Sur; CP# 0918.705.7317 ; Flora Salvadora, Iriga City Library, Iriga City; CP # 0927.440.9351 ; Luisa Esparrago- Sincua, Sorsogon Provincial Library, Sorsogon City; CP # 0919.216.0306

LOGISTICS : Raymond Melvin Chua and Alex Christopher Genove

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Library Rewards Kids For Reading-- Series # 1

The library rewards program has been suspended and resched due to bad weather. But when we pushed it last May 23, It was a big day for the Naga Library - Raul S. Roco Library.

I pitched an idea of providing motivation to library borrowers through LIBRARY REWARDS PROGRAM as the best marketing strategy to promote and increase library reader, which in turn, will help increase support for the library programs. With the Library/HUB STaff and City Youth Librarian Jerome Perfecto, it was a wonderful moment for us.

Here is the first library rewards kids for reading at the Raul S. Roco Library, with 100 children participated. These kids were borrowers who have read at least 100 books in the Naga Library. We invite them and designed a program for them. The program started with a storytelling at the Children’s Library HUB, playing base drum at the Wharf Galley Bar and a Kitefest at Naga City EcoPark. My gratitude to Jollibee, Eboy of Wharf Galley and to the parents who joined the program.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Bikol Public Librarians gathering

A MONTH AGO, Director Nani Cruz, inspected the development of the Naga Library HUB project. She is a DepEd consultant and was tasked to evaluate the programs and services of the Naga Library HUB under the Raul S. Roco Library supervision. On the same date, she took the opportunity to meet and made a roundtable discussion with public librarians in Camarines Sur. As a result, she made a suggestion of holding a gathering of public librarians where the issues and prospects for effective library service will be responded.

Responding to her challenge, I talked to provincial librarians in the region and explore the possibilities of holding a regional gathering. The series of meetings turned-out to be a series effort. In the end, they are convinced.

The gathering will be the first regional conference, and the theme is “Bikol libraries: building a cultural heritage through effective governance”. Likewise, the naga librarian along with provincial librarians of Albay, Sorsogon and Camarines Norte united to form the Bicol Association of Public Libraries.

As of the moment, this is the development, will keep you posted for the details, dates and venue of the conference.