Monday, August 9, 2010

bayombong experience!

i arrived 2pm at bayombong, nueva viscaya after 8 hours of travel from manila. i said during the seminar that i will not go back in this place, but it seems, the experience was different.

at 33, i thought its best to focus on my office. shun activities that requires too much involvement. but, the bayombong experience has given me an option. bayombong seminar offers insights to establish partnership, sharing and helping. how were fr de vera, mam david, mam nani and mam nera similar. they were advocates of sharing, for they themselves have benefited from it.

yet, to starts sharing with libraries, naniniwala ako na it all starts with establishing good relations. this is what cvlai manifest, and a worthy of emulation from among the regions. dios mabalos sainyo for your great hospitality there.

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