Saturday, November 27, 2010

nitc and the naga librarian

establishing a school is different from transfering a new building or a new house. recruiting students to enrol in the school is another different task, too. establishing a school like the naga international technology center (nitc) was difficult, so hard that the next big thing is where are we going to look for students. this work is very strange to me as a librarian.

nitc is a project of sonia roco. i have been working for her for six years in the celebration of raul roco day, and the raul roco youth award is a project she has conceptualize with sec. robredo. again, the roco youth award was different thing from a librarian like me.
nitc and me is another project i will embark on a different focus. here the thought of putting a school, personally, is challenging. it is not glamorous or easy. but the other side of the challenges is the meeting of new people, and the experience are both an education in itself. though this is different, it is a fresh of breath air. i am sharing this thoughts because i know that some of my fellows have been experiencing boredom in the profession. bu for a-ten-year public librarian whose works have been confined to the world of books, this is a major major learning.

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