Sunday, August 9, 2009

Remembering Senator Roco

I was in Manila last August 3 and 4 for the preparation of the death anniversary of Raul S. Roco. The program which is prepared for August 5 begins with a memorial mass held at the Roco Family Rest house in Antipolo. Then, it was followed by the unveiling of his monument in the area and a formal launching of a website dedicated for him. Before I went to Manila, I personally went to churches in the towns of Cam. Sur for a scheduled mass on August 5. There were also scheduled masses in Naga and in Cam. Norte.

The same date of his anniversary is the burial of President Cory, and undauntedly, the entire nation paid tribute to the late president. Deep within, I have a desireto see and be part of those people paying their last respect for the burial. They said that the crowds in the street were the same 23 years ag. However, I decided to return to Naga and leave Manila in the morning of August 5. I visited the grave of the former Senator at Santo NiƱo Cemetery. It was very quiet and peaceful day in the area. The butterflies and the sounds of water rushing beside the Bicol river add more calmness in that time.

I went to Roco Library and see his memorabilia where I encountered a photo of Senator Roco. I thought maybe this is going to be the perfect gift for library readers. I wish that in this way, people will remember him as a keen reader and a great leader we lost four years ago. here is the photo.

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