Thursday, November 22, 2007

Computerization craze!

Making library resources accessible to its clients is one of the primary goals of any library. Naga library is not an exemption.

The increase of library books prompted the Naga library to include in its program the computerization of service to the increasing number of library users. A simple program that will address the circulation of books, the inventories and reports of library holdings are the details of the library computer program. The plan must reflect the level of readiness of the Naga Library staff on the use of computer along with the level of understanding to the technical works of the library.The program must also addrees the level of comprehension of major library clients - the students, and the general public.

Before I entered in the naga library, an Internet service has been one of the projects of the city government since 1996. It was offered free to library clients on its first year and charges a reasonable amount to keep the project sustainable. While naga library appears advance, some public libraries are gradually establishing an Internet Center in the library. It became a fad for libraries to include in its operation the use of electronic resources such as the Internet, CD-ROM etc.

Incidentally, in 2000, the National Library has introduced the public library information network or the publin project. In my own understanding, the project seeks to establish an automated system of library services in select public libraries in the country trough a network of library resources. On its first kick off, naga library has availed the general library automation system or GLAS program. Shortly, it was replaced with TINLIB, and again, with the library. Solution programs. Duplication of work, conflict of coding, usual repair of CPU to the National Library etc. are wastes of resources that any librarian may opt to return the software for practical reasons. I could not imagine how much the naga library has spent for this project.

While I cannot control the inevitable increase of library holdings, I am forced to address the problem by developing a simple computer program. With the ms publishers at hand, and the experiences that my library staff gained from the national library project, we gambled to develop a library computer program. First, a web page serving as an entry point to the Naga library circulation project (which I have required to my practicum students) which became a project. Later, after having observed and study the program, I decided to adopt the program and be used in the Naga Library.

Today, as I look at my experiences, Naga library computerization, indeed, a challenging tasks. Staffs have been exposed to the bibliographic information of the book. I could not explain my satisfaction when my staffs are already talking the same language in the library. books are barcoded and in a minute books can be lent to the readers. Profile of users and the library holdings can be viewed immediately. In short, the project helps my staffs ease on providing reference services to library clients.

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