Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Disabled Filipino of the Year 2011: Hon. David Casper Nathan Sergio

this year recipient of the Disabled Filipino of the Year, an award given by the national council on disability affairs, is Naga City Councilor David Casper Nathan Sergio.

he is one of the effective local leader in naga and is the reason why he top the net satisfaction survey in ateneo. this, i guess, primarily because of his strong advocacy in the conduct of various blood letting program in naga which benefited residents in need of blood during emergencies.

in the naga library alone, he proposed for the establishment of the naga city family history center, second in the country, and the bienvenido santos special section, as a gesture of respect to a filipino writer.

before he was elected councilor, i met him when he was appointed as secretary to the mayor, which later i discovered that he have worked previously as the head of the urban poor affair.

i knew that his leadership skill is immense, have a brilliant mind. i would say that the people of naga deserved to have nathan sergio in the naga city hall.