Thursday, February 24, 2011

bienvenido santos @ naga library

before, public libraries in Philippines were not given proper attention by local government units. so, it follows that the people's trust for the public libraries to take charge of their personal valuable materials under the care is very slim. but today, it is changing.

this impression that people is giving their trust to the public library of their precious collection is felt in naga library. first, the trust of the roco family to turned-over the memento of the late senator raul roco is one.

today, the same opportunity of giving the care of their personal collection has been given to us by the santos family. the printed collection of Bienvenido Santos and other memorabilia will now be accessed by the general public in march 14.

bienvenido santos is one of the best writers in Philippine literature. For unc graduates today, little knew of him being the executive vice president of the university. however, more students may have been aware of his writings such as the novels like the villa magdalena, the praying man and what the hell for you left your heart in san francisco.

my classmate vivien soriente of dlsu library told me that the memorabilia collection of Bienvenido Santos is now in their library. given the facilities and expertise, I was delighted to see the room dedicated to him.

i personally acknowledge the proponent of the project - sir Nathan, in putting a special section in the naga library. With the same guy in the government, i am hoping that the same opportunity for public libraries will be experience by my fellow librarians today.