Tuesday, June 22, 2010

pacific rims

naga library holds 11 000 books, which means there were 11 000 " matibay - as in matalino" anybody can be " matalino" pero iba pa din ang sumusulat at isinasagawang libro ang sinulat. this is the usual statement i said everytime there was an orientation of readers at the roco library.

speaking of tagalog in promoting a"libro", there is a book entitled Pacific Rims which, maybe in a month, we would be happy to have it in the library.

this one para sa mga basketbolistang pinoy! see this.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

thanks mayor jess :) welcome mayor john!

it was funny, that i could not imagine how i have been part of naga as a librarian for 11 years. but this post, was not for me in the library, but, to the mayors of naga.

one is for mayor jess robredo who served naga for almost 18 years. he is the first filipino mayor to be awarded as Ramon Magsaysay and in the aquino administration, is seems that he is
a shoo-in as DILG secretary.

the second, is to our new mayor, mayor john g. bongat which i would like to introduce to the readers of this blog and to my fellow public librarians. mayor john will be taking his oath tomorrow on the occasion of the naga city chartered anniversary.

to mayor jess and mayor john. goodluck po! and will continue to pray that you will both serve the people effectively.

balik eskwelahan!

while naga is preparing for its transition to a new mayor, am honored to introduce to my fellow public librarians, Mayor John G. Bongat. along with it, raul s. roco library is also preparing for its usual activity - orientation of the library rules, policy and programs to public elementary schools in Naga.

so its "balik eskwela"na and am thinking that orientation could be included in the upcoming national children's book day, which we are plan to hold on july 19. despite of the election last month, am glad that roco library was able to continue working on the editing of the online catalog and have rearrange the library sections in anticipation of the provision of an air condintion reading area.

with books/magazines arranged in the shelves, and its info can be accessed in the catalog, (so if its not availble, you dont need to come to us) roco library is ready for the pupils and students in this school year 2010-2011.

again, am hoping that other public libraries were all set and ready for the balik eskwelahan of our #1 readers - the students. knowing that we are aware of the inexistent/shortage of reference materials in thier respective school. congrats DepEd Naga mgt for spearheading the project!