Wednesday, April 14, 2010

hi, i'm the new city librarian!

i am pleased to beep-on my fellow public librarian over my appointment as city librarian of naga. i dont know why i am sharing this thought, probably because i knew that most of my colleague in the profession were trivial as to why i was stucked for 4 years as officer in-charge of roco library.

going back, there are many events that have helped me become a real librarian. if there was something i have contribute to the people of naga city, it is my sincere effort to bring the library closer to them, aside from, transfering the public library in the new building.

the feeling that i got promoted was a relief from several times i was hurt and challenged everyday i work in the library. i would also take this chance to say to all - THANK YOU and DIOS MABALOS PO!