Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Campaign materials as library collection?

Since February 9, we have seen tv adz, heard radio jingles and photos of national candidates have conquered the electrical post, walls, trees (huh!) and in public plaza .

while local campaign has yet to start this March 26. us librarians, will try to avoid ourselves, as expected, to be associated with anyone as we are coined as non partisan. however, the significance of this event in our library works is the presence of election materials of candidates in the national and local posts.I remember the seminar I have attended about this, that campaign materials of candidates provide info materials which are important materials of local history. YES!!! the posters, pamphlets, pins, cups, mugs, t-shirts etc. on a side note, the level of reaching the available materials is difficult .. and yes, we have favorites, we have biases he he he.