Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Bikol film: Chicken Ala Carte,

Everyday, before I left the Naga Library, I would bring the newspapers in my house and read it. And yesterday was not an ordinary reading because I was struck by an article written by the Philippine Daily Inquirer correspondent for Bikol Juan Escandor. He wrote Bicol film on hunger draws 12M hits. Out of curiousity, I check the video in the youtube and found it.

As I watched the video, I thought it is best to share and dedicate this post for the cause of eliminating world hunger. The creator/producer is Ferdinand Dimadura and entitled Chicken Ala Carte.

In the film, most of the scenes were shoot in Naga City. Essentially, it does not speak of what life in Naga is. I believe, and I know you will agree with me that the scenes are perfectly similar in other places in our country, perhaps in other poor nations in the world. However, I am congratulating Ferdinand Dimadura for creating this film. Hopefully this will bring changes, and meet the true meaning and reasons of the cause.

Here is the video

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Kudos librarians! public libraries await you.

The entry of new librarian's who passed the 2009 licensure examination given by the Professional Regulation's Commission last November 10 and 11 in the cities of Manila, Baguio, Cebu, Davao and Legazpi, is a sign of our continuing effort to make librarian profession at par with other profession.

As a public librarian, I congratulates them for choosing the profession.

These librarians have been with us, exploring, observing and knowing the libraries and the librarians for several years. How I wish they would consider working in public libraries and feel how it is like to serve the public.

There are 81 provinces, 136 cities and 1,495 municipalities all over the country and these local government units essentially should have a dynamic, fresh and competent information professionals. How many of them have libraries and how many of them have dedicated librarians we can speak of? Thus, when we are talking of learning, the next stop is the library. And, SOME Pinoy public libraries have something to offer however, lacks the force to undertake.. and to do away with it gradually, it need librarians - young librarians.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Naga's Library Bookmobile!

In 2008 and 2009, Naga City Library Bookmobile program “ Byaheng Bukmubil” was not visible in Naga City residents in downtown area. Instead, it has prioritized its services to the remote barangay schools of Naga City.

For several years, this vehicle has served consistently the eleven public schools in upland barangays of Naga City. We maybe quiet and has overlook in its importance but lessons have come out, and is more enough that A NEW PLANS HAS EMERGED, and the lessons are very convincing.

- bookmobile service brings the library closer to the public;
- bookmobile demonstrates a typical library networking;
- bookmobile develop strong partnership with teachers;
- bookmobile collection provides additional information materials to public school;
- bookmobile collection responds to the inexistent and inadequate collection of school libraries;
- bookmobile programs provides opportunity for a collaborative project between schools and the City Library;

Lessons are lessons, and these have spur changes in the over-all library program like .....
pamphlets on Technology and Livelihood Resource Materials has been added in the Bookmobile, an additional staffer has been assigned and a three-day period has been scheduled for each public schools.. rah rah rah. In addition, if you are a RSR Library Holder, you can borrow book six books at a time.

I wish there is something more from what I would expect the next time you see the Naga's Library Bookmobile. I know and I am sure, that there is a great difference watching Library vehicle traveling to your schools and the thoughts it has created.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Celebrating 5th Roco day!

I am a lover of cartoon movies, and "Kungfu Panda" is one. The movie reminds of wise Tortoise Master Oogway conversation with Po, a young giant panda before he ascended to heaven in a swirl of flower petals. He said - Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery. Today is a gift, that’s why we call it the present.

I heard this quote several times, and last October 26 on the 5th Raul Roco Day that sums up my expectation. How blessed to have a gift of presence of those who shared love and importance to Senator Roco. I am incredible thankful to Mam Sonia Roco and her family, and to Mayor Jess Robredo. Also present are:

Vice Mayor Gabby Bordado Jr.
Councilors Nathan Sergio, Nelson Legacion, John Bongat and Badette Roco
Former Civil Service Commission Chairperson Corazon Alma De Leon, the Guest of Honor
Leon Flores III, former President of Aksyon Kabataan, the youth arm of Senator Roco
Families of Atty Ramon Roco, Mr. Ding Roco, former Congressman and Mayor Cho Roco
Mam Titan Avila, Sister Rosario Roco
Students from Naga College Foundations
NSTP Students of Global Site for IT Studies
awardees - youth organizations
Naga City Scholars representing the different schools in Naga
Mr. Tony Amparado and Ateneo Class of 1956

These event have closed my memory of the 3rd Roco Day where the attendance is few. In fact, this was where I was drawn to embarrasment and humiliation. And the rest is history. For today, the gift of presence of these people is fullfilling. Again, DIOS MABALOS PO.