Wednesday, December 24, 2008

thanks 2008!

yesterday, it was the 4rth christmas party, and before the celebration, we have discuss the activities for naga library in 2009. personally, i've learned lessons conceptualizing projects and the possibility that the project will get the 100% approval from my boss.

one lesson is to consider that this will have a general impact /postivie effect to the people of naga city, their benefit. the other lession, is what is the impact or significance of the project from the viewpoint of the decision-maker, the mayor himself. some activities maybe of high importance but not urgent, while the others are not so important but the urgency to implement is necessary in serving the clientiles.... however, as a rule, the activities should be both important and urgent for the clients and from the library management.

as an information center in naga city, we will focus on the following

1. establishment of a resource center for the blinds,
2. developing a child minding center
3. organizing a memorabilia for naga city mayors

together, we will be promoting the library reader card to schools with special emphasis on the launching of the LIBRARY SMART ID. details of the smart id will be laid down this addition, WE WILL PUSH FOR A MORE SUCCESSFULL CELEBRATIONS AND PARTNERSHIP FOR THE Raul S. Roco Day, National Arts Month and the Naga Celebrates Reading.

Summary: 2008 is one of the best year for naga library. we are lucky to have Jollibee for complimenting our children's program for reading, the raul s. roco foundation for the promotion of library among the youth and the unrelenting support of the city administration.