Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Roco Library's Children's Nook

Books from the Naga Library HUB has been transfered to the administration and management of DepED Naga City Division, few lessons have arise. These lessons remind me of the concept of management and organization - seeing those things how they work when its not in your hand. Other things evolve is is the space left previously occupied NOW VACANT, and in which personally I have a big push to transformed into the Children's SEction.

Honestly, since the Naga Library HUB is a good project , I am pressured that this new section will have a similar response, or yet, much better reception from the public. Essentially, I have to start looking for books and book donors along with an appropriate design and activity to boost public attention of the Children's section. The concept of theme rooms and play areas are also included in the plan.

Immediate after the transfer, me and the library staff source out for books and book donors. THANKS to the local residents supports for the book donors that arriveds and Naga 2D animation guys which turned the blank wall into a wonderful murals.

Obviously there are things to finished, but i liked the idea that the space left must be utilized immediately. While we are working for the organization of this section, a three-day activity on August 5-7 entitled Naga Celebrates REading highlight the opening of the Children's Nook to coincides with the library orientation program and National Bookstore Sale and Exhibit... . . Heres the new wall --