Tuesday, November 1, 2011

2nd raul s. roco library lecture

was out for a month, grueling for the preparation of the 2nd raul s. roco library lecture with a theme, safekeeping history in every library.

was fortunate to have director antonio santos, elder florentino gamil and mr. tito valiente as resource speakers. likewise, to partner with the bicol region librarians council, which undoubtedly a fresh start to reach out with bicol librarians.

have names of librarians and participants whom i would like to post, but i decided to leave it vague, i knew some who did not attend have had other personal matters to attend to. however, the event turned-out successful.

below is a photo shot during the seminar, with me, director antonio santos of the national library, madam sonia roco, wife of education and senator raul s. roco, ateneo de naga university librarian and the current president of bicol region librarians council edna san buenaventura. at the back were the other speakers - mr tito valiente, elder florentino gamil, and the naga central school 2 rondalla.