Friday, April 18, 2008

City Youth Officials

Welcome Youth Officials! 

I heard  that the City Youth Month program of the LGU-Naga earned this year Galing Pook Award, and i congratulate the thinktanks of the project.

This afternoon, I received an invitation requesting to discuss  the features and orient the newly selected 2008 City Youth Officials of the Office functions and services.  a 10-minute idiot presentation is short as  expected.

As expected, Naga City Librarian, a position,  turned into a place for youth-hopefuls who would least choose na lang to help the library because of their interest in reading and apprehension of library works. 

I crossed my finger, and hoping that this time, the City Youth Librarian is a library science students or a would be librarians in the future who will consider the profession, something that they will inspire the youth, that the library plays an important role in nation building.