Thursday, December 10, 2009

RSR Library rewards and Christmas

If you are thinking of an appropriate activity this season, I suggest that it should be something that provides reward to library readers. Naga’s Raul S. Roco Library has library rewards program, and this month we will rewards 28 readers from 3,000 registered RSR Library Holder with books, library stuff, pins, t-shirts. 

I know that it is very hard to establish good relations and encourage voluntarism in the library, but in Naga Library, we made it despite there were presence of internet café, the National Book Store, the new SM, University Libraries etc. these booklover-Nagueños went to our library to borrow books. 

So these are our library readers who have read books, are reading books and truly, a reader 
200 BOOKS READ 1. Abellera, Rufinia F. 2. Danabar, Romina Mae N. 
120 BOOKS READ • Oquindo, Sarah Mae B. • Repuyan, Evalyn P. • Rubios, Dianne S. • Tindugan, Virginia Ida C. • Velarde, Eden 
100 BOOKS READ • Benamira, Ricky Padayao • Cledera, Josephine S. • Froyalde, Gregory J. • Lumberio, Cyril Anne R. • Saballegue, Romeo D. 
80 BOOKS READ 1. Camba, Jeliza Q. 2. Lanuza, Jaime Felipe R. 3. Martillano, Ann Rose Jessica 4. Nodelo, Izel Joan B. 5. Silva, Tristan V. 6. Tuliao, Josie V. 7. Zaragoza, Belen A. 
60 BOOKS READ 1. Adversario, Glendner T. 2. Cantillo, Donna D. 3. Fornillos, Linda Rebueno 4. Fulo, Mary Rose M. 5. Ilagan, Rosanna Merlita Estioco 6. Lizardo, Fely D. 7. Nodalo, Urel Jon B. 8. Pelagio, Ma. Ester Asuncion B 9. Soriano, Ralph Louise 10. Tuason, Robertito G.

... salamat po

Friday, September 25, 2009

Children's activity this October

For public librarians who wanted to initiate program this October, I would recommend a reading activity for Children. 

 Raul S. Roco Library’s Be A Reader: rediscovering Raul S. Roco at the library has two activities related to this program - Byaheng Bukmubil and Children’s Bookfest

It brings the storytelling sessions and academic contest to public elementary schools through the Bookmobile while the culminating program was held at the City Library. These activities have generated support from Jollibee, local officials and businessmen performing as readers and the Department Education. In fact, last year, Jollibee Naga’s Why Read Campaign, a project partnered and counter part of the City Library’s Be A Reader, has been awarded for its marketing program in the National Level last February 2008. 

Considering the impact of reading among children, I strongly believed that it is essential to design an area for children in every public library. 


Sunday, August 9, 2009

Remembering Senator Roco

NAGA LIBRARY LEADS THE OBSERVANCE OF THE DEATH OF SEN. ROCO EVERY AUGUST 5. there is a   website  created for him that contains collection of speeches and articles of the late Sen. Roco.

while browsing a book entitled " the Little Prince" i saw this photo inserted inside the book. 

keen reader, great leader!


Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Center for the Blind @ the library

NAGA CITY RESOURCE CENTER FOR THE BLIND  is now organized located at the ground floor of the Raul S. Roco Library.

I met Dr. Josephine "Penny" Bondoc, a sister of Mayor Jesse, known for her involvement in  charitable works is assisting the  Center for the Blind. 

it will be the primary center designed to serve as the training and educational institution of the visually impaired in Naga and in the region.   there is  an Audio Recording Room donated by the Rotary Club of Camarines Sur, with Ms Jean Tang who has been coordinating the initiative intended to record audio cds to provide audio materials for the visually impaired. 

this is one of the many feature of libraries programs and services for the disadvantage sectors.. 

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

2009 Filipino Heritage Festival

Elias Angeles Street in Naga City, 1958 

While most public libraries are preparing for the inventory of library books, checking the shelves and roofs, files and MRs etc.. this April, Raul S. Roco Library (and me) will spearhead the Exhibit and Lecture on April 30 as Naga is making an  Opening Ceremonies of the 2009 Filipino Heritage Festival

old photos, and memorabilias are treasures of the past, and libraries can play a significant role in keeping it alive..... thru exhbits.

Monday, March 23, 2009

arts in the library: Bikol Literary Festival: Pintakasi kan mga Librong Bikolnon

A week ago, my staff, library volunteers and students of Global IT were working for the exhibit of old books and Bicolano writers. 

The materials sent from six provinces were not sufficient to display an exhibit. In fact, I was surprised to note that few local government units in the region have commissioned a printed work of thier towns/cities which are essential today. I maybe skeptics but, if you are in-charge of the project, and when you are assigned to coordinate with the this lgus, you will notice how hard it is to convince them to come up with a regional exhibit. 

 Anyway, when members of Sumaro Bikolnon are coming and they are sending their special collection of Bikoliana, the exhibit became a display of Bikol publication of old books written by Bikolano/Filipinos in Bikol dialect. The output of the display is a proof that there are interests and initiatives by Bikolanoes to write and publish books on Bikol during the 1800s. 

I am refering to the Bikol Literary Festival: Pintakasi kan mga Librong Bikolnon held at the Raul S. Roco Library last March 17 and which was made possible through the help of Sumaro Bikolonon.