Thursday, December 10, 2009

RSR Library rewards and Christmas

If you are thinking of an appropriate activity this season, I suggest that it should be something that provides reward to library readers. Naga’s Raul S. Roco Library has library rewards program, and this month we will rewards 28 readers from 3,000 registered RSR Library Holder with books, library stuff, pins, t-shirts. 

I know that it is very hard to establish good relations and encourage voluntarism in the library, but in Naga Library, we made it despite there were presence of internet café, the National Book Store, the new SM, University Libraries etc. these booklover-Nagueños went to our library to borrow books. 

So these are our library readers who have read books, are reading books and truly, a reader 
200 BOOKS READ 1. Abellera, Rufinia F. 2. Danabar, Romina Mae N. 
120 BOOKS READ • Oquindo, Sarah Mae B. • Repuyan, Evalyn P. • Rubios, Dianne S. • Tindugan, Virginia Ida C. • Velarde, Eden 
100 BOOKS READ • Benamira, Ricky Padayao • Cledera, Josephine S. • Froyalde, Gregory J. • Lumberio, Cyril Anne R. • Saballegue, Romeo D. 
80 BOOKS READ 1. Camba, Jeliza Q. 2. Lanuza, Jaime Felipe R. 3. Martillano, Ann Rose Jessica 4. Nodelo, Izel Joan B. 5. Silva, Tristan V. 6. Tuliao, Josie V. 7. Zaragoza, Belen A. 
60 BOOKS READ 1. Adversario, Glendner T. 2. Cantillo, Donna D. 3. Fornillos, Linda Rebueno 4. Fulo, Mary Rose M. 5. Ilagan, Rosanna Merlita Estioco 6. Lizardo, Fely D. 7. Nodalo, Urel Jon B. 8. Pelagio, Ma. Ester Asuncion B 9. Soriano, Ralph Louise 10. Tuason, Robertito G.

... salamat po