Wednesday, December 24, 2008

thanks 2008!

 2008 is one of the best year for naga library. we are lucky to have Jollibee for complimenting our children's program for reading, the raul s. roco foundation for the promotion of library among the youth and the unrelenting support of the city administration.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Inquirer Read Along sa Naga

Its been a while since I posted the NBW activities. Last November 22, Raul S. Roco Library served as the venue for the
Inquirer Read-Along which was held simultaneous with other cities in the country. We acknowledged Jollibee and the pupils of Concepcion Grande Elementary School for thier participation during the program. Also, the Inquirer South Luzon for thier decision to hold the activity, the Storytellers, DepEd English Supervisor Mam Selga and the Roco Library STaff.

The reading program boosts and compliments our current storytelling programs such as the Children's Bookfest and Byaheng Bukmubil. For this, I will be pushing for more reading activities sessions, storytelling in particular, for the year 2009.
Happy Holidays!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Interactive storytelling in Naga City

I did not attend my Saturday class in UP to give way with the Inquirer Read-A-Thon which selects the Naga City Library as one of venue outside Metro Manila. I did not hesitate to accept the request since it will make the library more sensible to the Naga residents, and obviously, this is an opportune time that Raul Roco Library will be features in the Philippine Daily Inquirer.

Anyway, this is one that I cullred from the Philippine Daily Inquirer writter by Juan Escandor Jr. and Posted date: December 11, 2008

NAGA CITY – For two years now, the Children’s Bookfest Program of the Raul S. Roco Library (RSR Library) in Naga City has been developing the habit of reading among preschoolers in “educare” (education day care) centers and elementary pupils of up to Grade 2.

Federico Vinluan, the librarian, said the program would select readers of children’s books among local officials, academicians and members of the business community and civic organizations. They would then explain the benefits of reading to the young listeners.

So, when the Inquirer (parent company of INQUIRER.NET) proposed to hold its Read-Along session at the RSR Library inside the City Hall compound, Vinluan gladly welcomed it as a boost to its own book-reading program.

The Inquirer event on Saturday was launched simultaneously in Baguio, Talisay and Davao cities as part of the newspaper’s thrust to develop love for reading among children outside Metro Manila.
Touching hearts, minds“It has touched the hearts and minds of 70 pupils at the same time that it boosted our continuing book reading campaign here, having for its guest readers a beauty queen and a book author,” Vinluan said.

The library’s children’s section on the ground floor was a perfect venue. Its walls are painted with bright-colored murals and illustrations on the wall, including the planetary system.

A raised platform, where the reader’s chair was placed, faced the children, mostly students from the Concepcion Pequeña Elementary School, who were seated comfortably on the blue rubber mats.

The participants enjoyed the hour-long interactive storytelling, answering questions tossed to them for rewards. Judy Ann, a Grade 5 pupil, said she loved the group activity.

When Chito de la Vega, Inquirer Libre editor, laid down the “rules” of the Read-Along – listening, avoiding distractive movements and cooperating to create an enjoyable learning experience for everyone – the children readily responded in unison: “Opo!” (Yes, sir!).

In his inspirational talk, Mayor Jesse Robredo enjoined the children to develop the reading habit so they could learn things that are useful in actual life.

StorytellersKristian Sendon Cordero, a Palanca awardee and Bicol fictionist, poet and book author, read the first story, “Munting Patak Ulan” (“Little Raindrop” by Gloria Villaraza Guzman) about the journey of a tiny raindrop from the clouds to the land, rivers and dams – an allegory on the importance of water to life.

Cordero engaged the youngsters by asking them to raise their hands if they had taken a bath in the rain in their lifetime. Almost all did and answered “Opo!” Nice, another Grade 5 pupil, loved the story, “Emang Engkantada at Ang Tatlong Haragan (“Ema the Enchantress and the Three Brats” by Rene Villanueva),” which was read by Maria Venus Raj, Miss Philippine Eco-Tourism 2008. The reading was “nicely done,” she said.

Raj paused several times to ask for feedback from her audience, giving clues and repeating answers about the story of Pat Kalat, Pol Putol and Paz Waldas, who ran into the beautiful place of the fairy, destroyed and wasted everything on their path until Emang Engkantada punished them.

In the end, the three changed their ways and became responsible children, helping protect and preserve the environment.

ComprehensionAbel, a Grade 6 pupil, said the activity was challenging and tested their ability to comprehend.
Excitement swept the crowd when the Jollibee mascot came in, dancing to hip-hop music. The food chain treated the children to lunch after the Read-Along formally ended.

Vinluan said the presence of personalities and celebrities had been effective in attracting participants and heightening the library’s reading-habit advocacy. Its regular storyteller, Roco’s widow Sonia, reads to children every August and October.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Visiting Masbate

THIS IS THE PROVINCIAL LIBRARY OF MASBATE. thanks for allowing us to promote the RSRYAA for it became to an opportunity to visit libraries in the region.. 
looking forward for more collabs with the Masbate Provincial Librarian. One of the scene when visitors travel from Pilar Sorsogon to Masbate

Monday, November 10, 2008

Best Practices!

Day after the occasion of the 3rd Raul S. Roco Day is the National Conference of Public Librarians at the National Library. This was on October 27 and 28, where public librarians gather together to bring out issues in public libraries and librarianship, formulate solutions and ideas to improve the library services.

Raul S. Roco Library, on the other hand, was chosen by the National Library to feature in the two-day Conference entitled Best Practices: Raul S. Roco Library. The presentation became more more authoritative and convincing as Naga City Mayor Jesse Robredo, a Ramon Magsaysay Awardee in Public Service and one of the new inspiring leaders, delivered the lecture attended by 600 public librarians nationwide.

There are more than one thousand public libraries in the country, and being chosen by the National Library, is one of the best thing I can share to my staff and to inspire them to work for the general interest of the Naga City.
AGAIN, Dios Mabalos.

City Mayor Jesse M. Robredo (righmost part) speaking before the National Conference of Public Librarians at the National Library last October 27-28 on Best Practices: Raul S. Roco Library with Public Libraries Division Chief Sancho Domenden, Asst. Director Flora Valmonte and Director Prudenciana C. Cruz .

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

2nd Youth Awardees

On the 4th Raul S. Roco Day, the highlight of the activity is more about the youth -- the youth in the Bikol region -- of whom Senator Raul S. Roco was very proud of. 

Five finalists will be awarded at the Universidad De Santa Isabel Auditorium, the venue for the awarding ceremonies of the 2nd Raul S. Roco Youth Achievement Awards. Students organizations, SK officials, Naga City Scholars, the Naga City officials and the Roco family with Dr. Jaime Galvez-Tan, as guest speaker, will attend the occasion at 9:00 in the morning.

The finalists are:
1. Scholars League, Sorsogon State College 2. Pag-asa Youth Association of the Philippines, Poblacion, Pamplona, Camarines Sur 3. Kabataang Busig-On Organization, Labo, Camarines Norte 4. Society for the Advancement of Management and Agricultural Economics, Cam. Sur State Agricultural College, Pili, Camarines Sur 5. Young Counselor’s Organization, Camarines Norte State College, Labo Campus Talobatib, Labo, Camarines Norte Hope to see you there.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

4th Raul S. Roco Day Activities

So Raul Roco Day celebration has ended, and I would like to share the activities during the occassion, also, below is the photo of the general program we have distributed to schools and visitors. So here it is.

"from dreamers to world movers" is the theme for this year celebration of 4th Raul S. Roco Day, and I am inviting everyone to be a part of this occasion. The activities are:

October 17 and 24 : READiscovering Raul Roco @ the Library- Storytelling, games, Internet quiz, poster making, film viewing
Venue: Raul S. Roco Library-Children’s Nook

October 25; 7:00 PM : RAUL S. ROCO LIVE ON! Battle of the Bands
Venue: Plaza Quezon

October 26 : Awarding of the 2nd RAUL S. ROCO YOUTH ACHIEVEMENT AWARDS
9:00 AM Venue: Universidad De Santa Isabel Auditorium

This occasion will not be complete without a Memorial Mass at Our Lady of Peñafrancia Basilica Minore at 6:30-7:30 in the morning and to be followed by a Wreath Laying at Sto. Niño Cemetery in Balatas, Naga City.

Naga City Mayor Jess Robredo will lead the celebration with Madam Sonia Roco and her family. Atty. Serafin Arviola and Dr. Jaime Galvez-Tan, both close friends of Raul S. Roco, will be the guests during the awarding ceremony of the 2nd Raul S. Roco Youth Achievement.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Roco Library's Children's Nook

THE NAGA LIBRARY HUB, the first in Bicol is now organized to cater the public elementary schools in Naga City. Walls to attract children and event organizers to compliment the support of the Department of Education in the project.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

First confab set on promotion of Bikoliana at Roco Library

Six speakers compose the roll of lecturers in the First Raul S. Roco Library Lecture and Regional Conference of Public Librarians at the Naga City Youth Center on June 13, 2008. The whole day activity opens with remarks from: Mayor Jesse M. Robredo on “Libraries’ Benefit from Effective Governance”; Mrs. Sonia Malazarte-Roco on “Changing Paradigms of Bikol Libraries”; Director of National Library Prudenciana C. Cruz on “Local History Materials: Its Impact on Bikol Libraries.” The morning will be capped by the presentation of the Tongues of Fire a book by Conrado de Quiros who will be introduced by Vice Mayor Gabriel H. Bordado, Jr.

The afternoon program proper shall feature three lectures; first, by Dr. Danilo Madrid Gerona, historian, writer and professor of Ateneo de Naga University on “Developing Bikoliana Materials; second, by Cristina Ranche, a genealogist, on “How and Why of Family Research: Prospects of Bikol Genealogy:; thirds, by Edna San Buenaventrura, Ateneo de Naga University librarian, on “The Bikoliana Materials, Redefining the Bibliographic Profile”. Riko Vinluan, acting city librarian of the Raul S. Roco Library and coordinator of this conference, relayed to Bicol Mail that expected participants are librarians, information specialists, archivists, curators, Sanggunian Members and Chair on Arts and Culture, historians, teachers. He said this conference seeks to promote the development and organization of the Bikoliana section as the core collection of Bikol libraries, to strengthen local history, and to identify materials found and written in the Bikol region.

He further said that one of the objectives of this conference is the formulation of a uniform and standard bibliographic citations or descriptions for the Bikol materials in Bikol libraries. To this, he added: the highlight on the role of materials on local history in the archives, in other primary sources and in the Bikoliana section in library services and programs, as a major contribution of libraries in the development of the arts, literature and culture across the Bikol region. To close the day are the remarks from Riko Vinluan.. Masters of ceremony are Dr. Amparo Nieves and Raymond Melvin Chua.

Posted: June 12, 2008 at Bicol Mail Online

Sunday, June 8, 2008

P R O G R A M -1st Raul S. Roco Library Lecture

Theme: Bicol Libraries: Building a Cultural Heritage through Effective Governance



7:30-9:00 am : REGISTRATION

9:00-11:00 am : Part I Opening Program

Philippine National Anthem

Welcome Remarks : Hon. Jesse M. Robredo City Mayor, Naga City
Libraries’ Benefit from Effective Governance

Opening Remarks : Changing paradigm of Bikol Libraries
Mrs. Sonia Malazarte-Roco
President, Raul S. Roco Foundation

Intermission Number : The Naga Central School 1 Rondalla Group

Message : Hon. Prudenciana C. Cruz, Director of National Library
Local History Materials: its impact on Bikol libraries

Part II. Book Launching

Introduction of the Author : Hon. Gabbriel Bordado Jr., City Vice Mayor, Naga City

Presentation of the Book : Tongues of fire by Conrado De Quiros

Part III. 11:00 -4:00 pm PROGRAM PROPER

Lecture 1 : Developing Bikoliana materials
Dr. Danilo Madrid Gerona
Historian,Writer & Profesor, Ateneo De Naga University

Lecture 2 : How &Why of Family Research:Prospects of Bikol Genealogy
Ms. Cristina Ranche , Genealogist

Lecture 3 : The Bikoliana materials: redefining the bibliographic profile
Ms. Edna San Buenaventura
University Librarian, Ateneo de Naga University

Closing Remarks : Riko Vinluan, Acting City Librarian, Raul S. Roco Library

Dr. Amparo Nieves Raymond Melvin Chua
Masters of Ceremony

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Library Rewards Kids For Reading-- Series # 1

The library rewards program has been suspended and resched due to bad weather. 

But when we pushed it last May 23, It was a big day for the Naga Library - Raul S. Roco Library. I pitched an idea of providing motivation to library borrowers through LIBRARY REWARDS PROGRAM as the best marketing strategy to promote and increase library reader, which in turn, will help increase support for the library programs. With the Library/HUB STaff and City Youth Librarian Jerome Perfecto, it was a wonderful moment for us. 

 Here is the first library rewards kids for reading at the Raul S. Roco Library, with 100 children participated. These kids were borrowers who have read at least 100 books in the Naga Library. We invite them and designed a program for them. The program started with a storytelling at the Children’s Library HUB, playing base drum at the Wharf Galley Bar and a Kitefest at Naga City EcoPark. My gratitude to Jollibee, Eboy of Wharf Galley and to the parents who joined the program.

Friday, April 18, 2008

City Youth Officials

Welcome Youth Officials! 

I heard  that the City Youth Month program of the LGU-Naga earned this year Galing Pook Award, and i congratulate the thinktanks of the project.

This afternoon, I received an invitation requesting to discuss  the features and orient the newly selected 2008 City Youth Officials of the Office functions and services.  a 10-minute idiot presentation is short as  expected.

As expected, Naga City Librarian, a position,  turned into a place for youth-hopefuls who would least choose na lang to help the library because of their interest in reading and apprehension of library works. 

I crossed my finger, and hoping that this time, the City Youth Librarian is a library science students or a would be librarians in the future who will consider the profession, something that they will inspire the youth, that the library plays an important role in nation building.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Bikoliana Section@naga library

Two years ago, I joined the local writers in promoting Bikol Language and Literature and organized a one-day Bikol Bookfest. The program highlighted with a lecture-talk on Mainstreaming the Bikol Language and Literature graced by the National Artist Bienvenido Lumbera, held at the Ateneo de Naga University Arrupee Hall. 

I also partnered the Arejola Foundation for Social Responsibility for the 2006 Premio Tomas Arejola para sa Literaturang Bikolnon.

The occasion gave me the oppurtunity to met and became acquainted with local writers.

My time and effort now is focusing on establishing a Bicol Section.


Friday, January 25, 2008

Naga Library 2007 Statistical Report

For the year 2007, Raul S. Roco Library has successfully hold and partnered programs to promote the use of the City Library as the primary information center in Naga. Here is the statistical report which reflects how we have directed our energies to meet the increasing demands from our clients.

Library collections : 29, 782
Loans and borrowing activity

a) Total loans and renewals
Loans 5,280
total 6,179

B) Interlibrary loan (loans bet. libraries )

Request received from RSR staff and readers 105
Requests processed 70
Items supplied 5,058

Online services and resources activity

Online catalog usage 2, 668
Internet usages 895

Serving library users
a) information literacy (training in using library and information resources)

Orientation sessions 55
Participants 3,385

b) Inquiries

By telephone 574
By e-mail71
In person 3,995

c) Door count
Registered readers 14,302

To note, there was an increase of readers visiting the library because of promotional activities we have conducted. On the other hand, the decrease of the usage of Internet maybe link to the competitive cafe and for making the second floor a wifi area etc.... figures are figures. Before, I dont understand why I am doing this, but when I took over the administration, there can be no picture of how the library works, without an statistics…