Saturday, May 24, 2008

Library Rewards Kids For Reading-- Series # 1

The library rewards program has been suspended and resched due to bad weather. 

But when we pushed it last May 23, It was a big day for the Naga Library - Raul S. Roco Library. I pitched an idea of providing motivation to library borrowers through LIBRARY REWARDS PROGRAM as the best marketing strategy to promote and increase library reader, which in turn, will help increase support for the library programs. With the Library/HUB STaff and City Youth Librarian Jerome Perfecto, it was a wonderful moment for us. 

 Here is the first library rewards kids for reading at the Raul S. Roco Library, with 100 children participated. These kids were borrowers who have read at least 100 books in the Naga Library. We invite them and designed a program for them. The program started with a storytelling at the Children’s Library HUB, playing base drum at the Wharf Galley Bar and a Kitefest at Naga City EcoPark. My gratitude to Jollibee, Eboy of Wharf Galley and to the parents who joined the program.