Saturday, September 29, 2007

the naga librarian and the 1,141 public libraries

i am not a good writer...with all the books around me,, classifying these into subjects so that clients may be able to find what do they want for the library. this is my work.

writing is different. because when you write, you dont expect that everyone will agree with you.

as blogging becomes a fad.... this is my first writing... writing about my ideas and experiences as a public librarian..

as of this writing,  there are 1,142 public libraries registered at the
national library, and, maybe a wishful thinking...  i would like to reach other public librarians in this country through this means....

with mam nani cruz, von totanes and zarah gagatiga, their thoughts, encounters have influenced me a lot..... i am not an advocate,,, a hero or a warrior. i just want to write and reach out.