Monday, December 27, 2010

sweet nothing!

five days before the New Year, i am 34. completely different when I was 21, 18 , 16 and 25 - numbers i usually bet in lotto, these numbers do fill with memories in time, and in life. 

yet this time, i am becoming  old  – a role i am arriving at. believed me, the lives of benjamin franklin, michaelangelo, thomas edison, have incredibly well- accomplished than anybody. they are movers at 34 - extraordinary and exceptional! 

but for a public librarian, at 34 is completely different. sweet nothing! as it may seem, is my life began at naga library.

also, i like to bet in the lotto. i want to sing Bruno mars, again and again.. I wanna be a millionaire so freaking bad!

Monday, December 6, 2010


as of this writing, there is a move for a reorganization in the city government.

reorganization is defined in the online dictionary as the " the act or process of organizing again or differently or a thorough alteration of the structure of a business corporation". in every local government unit, there is always a reorganization plan. this is being pushed to ensure the effectiveness of the program. my idea is that it will eliminate duplications, that a clustering of programs will meet the desired objectives.

naga library is one of the office in the city government which is being merged in a newly organized  department under education, sports and scholarship office. 

in this manner, i stood on what i believe that this will not be good for the naga library. this library is a separate division since 1957, and one of the oldest since 1920. 

the problem in naga may be a problem of my other fellow public librarians. issues being the least priority, no funding and no competent people are among i have fought for in the many seminars i attended. 

in closing, i wish to share with you the writings in the marker of the RSR building

" naga city public library is the testament to the commitment of the city government to extend the frontiers of knowledge to all sectors of society. aside from fulfilling its traditional functions and services, the public library will strive to be the repository of bicol cultural materials, a haven for artists, and a center of learning in the field of local governance."
i am hoping for a review of the plan.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

nitc and the naga librarian

establishing a school is different from transfering a new building or a new house. 

recruiting students to enrol in the school is another different task, too. 

today, i am establishing the naga international technology center (nitc)  a very strange work for me as a librarian.

nitc is a project of Mrs Sonia Roco to help the youth acquired skills so they can have work or may have interested to put up business in the future.  nitc and me is another project i will embark on a different focus. 

here the thought of putting  is the meeting of new people who are thirst for learning.

Monday, August 9, 2010

bayombong experience!

i arrived 2pm at bayombong, nueva viscaya after 8 hours of travel from manila. 

i said during the seminar that i will not go back in this place, but it seems, the experience was different. at 33, i thought its best to focus on my office. shun activities that requires too much involvement. but, the bayombong experience has given me an option.

bayombong seminar offers insights to establish partnership, sharing and helping. 

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

hi, i'm the new city librarian!

i am pleased to beep-on my fellow public librarian over my appointment as city librarian of naga.

i dont know why i am sharing this thought, probably because i knew that most of my colleague in the profession were trivial as to why i was stucked for 4 years as officer in-charge of roco library.

going back, there are many events that have helped me become a committed librarian as i may put it.. if there was something i have contribute to the people of naga city, it is my sincere effort to bring the library closer to them,  and making the Naga Library conducive for learning.