Thursday, January 3, 2013

rsr library's as - clearning house of Naga in 2013

i was out for almost  five months, busy with the youth achievement awards where i was heading the secretariat along with the transfer of the tesda school.. i was then, thinking of closing the blog, since oh since, most people would visit facebook than posts in the blogs. but for journaling purpose, i though it would be wise to write once in a month of the updates of my lessons in the work.

with the staff i have, the experiences i have gained and resources we have in the rsr library last 2012, those things have made me more focus on the work where it gave me social recognition as city librarian of naga. Naga city - the oldest city, and is given responsible to organize resource materials for easy retrieval, deliver information services and develop programs to promote readership. this year, i will be more active in the library than in any other works i am involved.

so its 2013, while the Pope said - "gift of peace" and miriam santiago's "God is underachiever", issues, everything that people might go to the library to read and visit. friends, rsr staff willl transform rsr library as the clearning house of naga this year!