Saturday, July 2, 2011

brlc remake!

normally, i don't involve with the librarian's group. i thought, its best to stay away from them to keep me out of the issues. though, issues in organization, as what they seem to consider is normal, i have decided not to be part of it. in short, when bicol region librarians council was organized then, i did not take part.

as my job evolved from a traiditional to managerial, i have a chance of thinking about the plight of my fellow librarians. i've been involved in other organizations, yet, its ironic that the librarian per se, i am stranger to them.

alas, i give up my day to attend the librarian's meeting. the day turn-out to be something worthwhile.i left the meeting with photo shoots and goodbyes, with ate luds, the mariners librarian, and the librarians. the meeting has became a platform to expand my advocacy in librarianship and in building partnership.

you know, i am thinking of an occasional meeting this time. perhaps in july 9. see ya.

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