Sunday, December 19, 2010

frabjous day!

no. this is not about the book wrote by miriam. this is a sequence from an earlier post on reorganization.

in an earlier post, i wished for a review of the reorganization plan. this is the merging of the naga library in other offices in 2011. the sympathy coming from the members of the council and the redefining the status of our office have made my wish to be granted. naga library remained a separate division.

I used to hear from the grey people visiting naga library, that naga is blessed to have a library. they envy the young naguenos to have a new library edifice with an able collection to offer both for information and recreation purpose than before where the library is small and the books were limited. while it carries the vibrant character of naga - naga library is one and a distinct place for bicolano. and making naga library an independent division is a gift that motivates me to work beyond an extra mile.

i could not expressed my feelings to-day, but as i look back 10 years ago as a newly appointed assistant chief library, the feeling of happines is completely different. it is indeed a frabjous day.

i have weeks of uncertainties and disappointment, but this was changed with perseverance and determination. to the city government, dios mabalos po. merry x'mas.

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