Tuesday, November 16, 2010

imee, mark and mam lourdes

i was out for 2 months working as the secretariat of the raul s.roco youth award. consequently, i am being tasked in setting up the naga international technology center, a project of mrs sonia roco. this is why i have been out for blogging.
with the result of the 2010 exam, i decided to share thoughts for my dear librarians who successfully passed the board exam. i am very happy that, i became part of thier profession.
the number 5 in the board exam, is a city youth librarian who worked in raul roco library last summer. she is Imee brazal, whom i called venus raj. we were the same recipient of iskolar kan ciudad. though all of our discussion were about the city youth program, imee left naga and left a me a txt message " sana sir makalusot ako." at the time that she was working at naga library, she have never failed my expectation. i even endorse her practicum in aeronautical academy for a month before she took the review.
Mark Eva was my staffer in the roco library. he is a silent worker. i know that he can make it to the board because mark is intelligent. my experience in the library, i have a perception that a person is "matalino" or "mautak" or "matibay" and mark is one of them.
and among the list is my former boss way back in 1997 at the engineering library. she is lourdes requinta, the unc engineering librarian. the downs and up of my library experience as a student assistant in my college years is inevitable. and mam lourdes is one who taught me to be more optimistic in life as a student.
as of this writing, i didnt knew who were those who came to ateneo, unc, or santa isabel who passed the exam. yet, i am extending my congratulation to them. this post may be for imee, mark and mam lourdes, but mind you, this blog rolls to all librarians whom i will be meeting in the future, again. just a simple thoughts for them.

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