Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Redirecting Naga Library (the RSR Library)

Last year, I was busy with activities that sometimes are no longer part of the Roco Library. Worst that it had developed an attitude of doing something people ask. This year, I will definitely focus on the library collection such as the reorganization of the online catalog and how it will satisfy the needs of our reading public. These are what I thought could be BEST IDEAS for the Library however. With sufficient budget to cover the LIBRARY operation, I am very positive that we will be able to deliver the goods and services to the public.

On the other note, blogging has become a narration, a personal narrative in the library. I think that it is practical to take what
facebook and twitter technique of sharing ideas so quick and short. I will definitely let this blog, the naga librarian, transform into a short reflection, thoughts, and opinions of my direct involvement. Something that anyone can says in six sentences. Again, I am sharing this info for my fellow public librarians. Till then.

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