Friday, January 23, 2009

2009, what do public wants to see in the Naga Library

Setting the mood for this year, i started conducting the launchings of the Raul S. Roco Youth Achievement Awards in Masbate and Partido, and NOW, we are waiting for the application to arrive. It followed by nambaf, arts activities follows as Naga accepted the regional arts celebration. Obbiously, with naga library supporting the local arts and culture; I did not escaped from the art savvy, art advocates and artists. Programs?

I was out for three weeks and was never posting any stuff. Its 2009, the finalization of the establishment of the submitted proposals - the child minding and the center for the blind remain to be implemented in the first quarter. While preparing a plan, I came out with a question to keep me guided in developing a program. what do public wants to see in the Naga Library in 2009?

That question taught me to be more specific in doing library programs. BEING confident that naga library now is “bistado na” where and what it offers, the next best thing, is what people will expect this year. So here is the possible source where i can get and the areas of concern:

-- registrations? attendance in the activities? lost, unreturned books? tardiness of my staff, weather? trends? movies? budget and city priorities? Huh!

will keep you posted in the next blog!!!