Monday, November 2, 2009

Celebrating 5th Roco day!

I am a lover of cartoon movies, and "Kungfu Panda" is one. The movie reminds of wise Tortoise Master Oogway conversation with Po, a young giant panda before he ascended to heaven in a swirl of flower petals. He said - Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery. Today is a gift, that’s why we call it the present.

I heard this quote several times, and last October 26 on the 5th Raul Roco Day that sums up my expectation. How blessed to have a gift of presence of those who shared love and importance to Senator Roco. I am incredible thankful to Mam Sonia Roco and her family, and to Mayor Jess Robredo. Also present are:

Vice Mayor Gabby Bordado Jr.
Councilors Nathan Sergio, Nelson Legacion, John Bongat and Badette Roco
Former Civil Service Commission Chairperson Corazon Alma De Leon, the Guest of Honor
Leon Flores III, former President of Aksyon Kabataan, the youth arm of Senator Roco
Families of Atty Ramon Roco, Mr. Ding Roco, former Congressman and Mayor Cho Roco
Mam Titan Avila, Sister Rosario Roco
Students from Naga College Foundations
NSTP Students of Global Site for IT Studies
awardees - youth organizations
Naga City Scholars representing the different schools in Naga
Mr. Tony Amparado and Ateneo Class of 1956

These event have closed my memory of the 3rd Roco Day where the attendance is few. In fact, this was where I was drawn to embarrasment and humiliation. And the rest is history. For today, the gift of presence of these people is fullfilling. Again, DIOS MABALOS PO.

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