Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Bikol film: Chicken Ala Carte,

Everyday, before I left the Naga Library, I would bring the newspapers in my house and read it. And yesterday was not an ordinary reading because I was struck by an article written by the Philippine Daily Inquirer correspondent for Bikol Juan Escandor. He wrote Bicol film on hunger draws 12M hits. Out of curiousity, I check the video in the youtube and found it.

As I watched the video, I thought it is best to share and dedicate this post for the cause of eliminating world hunger. The creator/producer is Ferdinand Dimadura and entitled Chicken Ala Carte.

In the film, most of the scenes were shoot in Naga City. Essentially, it does not speak of what life in Naga is. I believe, and I know you will agree with me that the scenes are perfectly similar in other places in our country, perhaps in other poor nations in the world. However, I am congratulating Ferdinand Dimadura for creating this film. Hopefully this will bring changes, and meet the true meaning and reasons of the cause.

Here is the video

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Anonymous said...

for my opinion..somehow the scenes are quite exagerrated..but then its still a great film..