Saturday, September 5, 2009

Celebrating Peñafrancia Fiesta!

While every corner of Naga has transformed into a busiest place in the country, Naga City, as the home of the venerated image, is prepared for the reception of the Peñafrancia devotees. Historically, the devotion has reached three centuries.

While writing, I check the file, and surprisingly, we have three (3) major references in the library for the celebration - One is INA AND THE BIKOL PEOPLE, a coffee-table book published by the Archdiocese of Caceres, the Bookmark published and authored by Vitaliano Gorospe’s VIRGIN OF PEÑAFRANCIA, and the essays/articles published by Jose Fernando Obias entitled INA ON THE RECORD. All three references were in English and, I am assuring the readers will not be disappoint by its information.

These materials has brought an eye-opener considering that we value the acquisition of Bikol materials. Lest we forget is the acquisition of materials that depict the character of a Bikolano – the devotion to Ina.

So here it is, we have prepared an area - an exhibit and books for this occasion. We hope to see you in this area despite the attractions from activities lined-up to pomp up the festive celebration of the Penafrañcia. I would say that the library remains the quietest place we can offer during this occasion.

Here is one of the photo which we are exhibiting in the library -

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