Friday, July 31, 2009

.. gift of Cory Aquino

The death of Ms. Cory Aquino yesterday was disheartening. It is the same feeling I have experience when Raul Roco died in 2005.

Photo taken from Bicol Forum, Jan. 13-19,1986 issue with Cory Aquino and
Doy Laurel campaigning in Naga City.

I was 10 years old when 1986 election happened and Cory Aquino was installed as President. Yellow colors became a fad, and Ms. Cory stole the hearts of the Filipinos, the Bicolano people is one. I could not imagine a life where freedom endures. I could not imagine a life here if Marcos remained in control of our country, too. To me, that is something I and the Filipino will forever indebted to Ms. Cory Aquino.

Goodbye po, asin Dios na po an bahala magbalos saimo sa gabos na karahayan na itinao mo samuya!

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