Saturday, April 26, 2008

Part time work

it has been five months now since I began teaching in college. Indeed, it is a rewarding experience for anyone given the trust and confidence of your students. It is like selling items in the public, convincing them that what you are talking is true. A plus factor for this is that I hold a position and my position emits an authority and good experiences to share in relation to my subjects. However, the reality why I accept the invitation to teach is the difficulty I faced every time I hold programs in the Library. Obviously, it needs appropriate audiences/participants however; it goes down to the idea, that at least, I have audiences/participants. Though it sacrifices the ultimate goal of the programs/projects I am conducting or promoting, I realized that, I could not figure out from the pool of appropriate audiences/listeners the desired output.

If anyone feels that a library program failed because of dwindle attendance of audiences/participants, it’s actually a challenge to think ways to strategize and established networks from the community. A school/college is one.
Again, just sharing my thoughts.

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