Monday, March 10, 2008

Who are public librarians?

Generally people, will agree that librarians who are working in public libraries, professionally trained to organized information, the care of the library and its clients are public librarians.

In the Philippines, librarians is accorded with a definition from RA9246.

Consequently, public librarians organized an association to promote the importance of the profession, librarianship and the interest of the public to access information. This is the Philippine Public Librarians League (PPLI Inc. formerly Public Librarians Association of the Philippines). A revision of its by-laws to meet and respond to issues of librarianship in the government, is one of the issues pushed by Davao City Librarians on the last day of the conference.

Interesting, a word "descriminatory" was raised during the classification of membership where associate members are given to non-license librarians/para librarians in the association" during the forum.

Obviously, i stand up and corrected. "Librarians define as holder of PRC license, its tantamount to the idea, that if you are a practicing physician, you should be a licence physician". In a forum, i received a response froma government employee designated as librarian and quipped, " Librarian profession lang naman". I believe, these people should know where they are, since most of them only end up working in the public library because of circumstances etc...

Since its lunch time and the forum is going on, I think its better to pack up and ate lunch, coz people who were thinking that its a "librarian profession lang" does not have a placed in the profession.

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