Monday, February 18, 2008

librarian's accountability

i was a frequent reader of the filipino google group, this is one way of sharing views with the librarians. one of the issue is accountability, which came out after a librarian post an inquiry as to what issues are facing by those librarians working in public libraries.

for this issue, i guess plai can help. however, it is public librarians themselves can help. on property acccountability, my thinking, public librarians knew what is the system/procedure on this issue, it has been discuss during the november 2007 seminar where atty santos as resource speaker. there are books which are still in bookshelves, in case in particular. probably because, most public librarians dont consider that the best means of promoting the library is to circulate. for naga library, we allow the readers to borrow a max of 6 books at a time for 1 week, and we never faced any single problem of unreturnd materials despite we are in disadvantage region where typhoons are suggestion to public librarians, is to come up with a study on how to develop a circulation program along with a strong ties with the local barangay officials. etc. also, when the book was recorded in MR, have an internal policy of placing the accountable person in-charge of the section/corner in their library as accountable too. ofcourse, its not easy since most employee in the public are political appointees, it is the administrative and management skills of the pub.librarians are at stake.

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