Friday, November 30, 2007

Welcome new filipino librarians!

Today, as I arrived from the national conference of public librarians in Manila, I went to my office to check the new additional books coming from DepEd Manila for the Naga Library HUB. I am not actually interested to attend the conference because I left Naga with a typhoon forecast signal number 2. I'm worried with the effects that it will bring to the library. It is still different if you are in your office when there is typhoon unlike when you are in other place, which at that time, attending a conference in Manila while my staff preparing for the typhoon.

My ordinary days at the Naga Library continue started with a normal checking of the building - the lights, the Hall, the Roco Memorabilia etc. The last stop is going to my computer and Internet... reading news at the
inquirer and philstar, checking the weather at typhoon 2000 ,and read blogs.

What is more significant is the release of the passers of the 2007 Librarian’s Licensure Examinations conducted last November 26 and 27. I have friends and classmates in UP which took the licensure exam, and luckily, they passed. The list of names were published at the Philippine Star.

Journaling my daily work, the blogging and etc.. are things I am thankful. They said that there are no professional growth in public library, hmmm i guess, at Naga Library, I am different. And it is different after nine (9) years when I passed the librarian's exam. It's deja vu.

Now that new librarians are coming, my congratulations to them for choosing this profession. I urge that they will choose to WORK IN PUBLIC LIBRARIES.

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